The Future of Vaping

Vaping has advanced so much in the short time that it has been around, with new technology, new companies, and even new laws shaping the way we vape. These changes are not going to stop, and much more is coming in the future. So today, we are going to forecast what might be coming in the future of vaping.

Market Competition

It has been forecasted that by 2021, global market revenues will reach over $32 billion (or £25 billion). This will encourage the creation and growth of new vape businesses, which may cause some more competitiveness as companies try to release the best brands. The effects of this may cause companies that can't survive the competition to shut down.


The laws of vaping are steadily changing all the time as people become more and more cautious of vaping. Not long ago, the FDA (Food and Drug Association) extending the ruling over e-cigarettes and other vape products, increasing their monitoring role over the products. They regulate the processes in developing and marketing these products. 


Technology advances all the time, so it's only natural that this would apply to vaping technology too.Other companies are even starting to get into the vaping business. Even Apple have looked into making vape technology. Current vape companies are looking at refining current technology. They are developing a high performing glass battery source, to bring consistency and safety to the vape device.

Connected Devices

With more and more appliances getting connected to your phone through apps, it's only a matter of time before your vape appliance can be used through it. This will involve having an app downloaded so you can customise the vaping experience.

As vaping moves forward, more and more things change, from technology to laws. There will always be new brands on the market with delicious e-liquids and excellent appliances, and, wherever they are, here at Vapor Shop Direct, we bring this joy to you. Happy Vaping!