This Stoptober, throw away the cigarettes and give vaping a try, it’s the perfect time to kick the habit.

Research says that if you can stop smoking for just 28 days, you’re five times likelier to stick with it, and vaping can make it much less stressful than you might expect. 

October is the Perfect Month to Quit

Everyone knows quitting smoking can be a tricky business, but once you’ve done it for a month, it gets much easier to make the change permanently.

Plus, you know that when you’re quitting this Stoptober, thousands of people are going through the same experience with you, and you can do it for charity too!

For more information on quitting and Stoptober, have a look here!

It’s Never Been Easier with Vaping

E-cigs are a much healthier alternative to cigarettes and can be invaluable when it comes to actually quit.

With vaping allowing you to gradually reduce the nicotine content, it can make it much easier to quit rather than going full-on cold turkey.

Quitting is much easier when other people around you are doing it, so get friends and family involved too. Don’t forget to change your routine up, drink plenty of fluids, eat right and you’ll be at the end of the month before you know it.

We carry the best range of e-liquids in the country too, so while you might be missing cigarettes, there’s plenty of amazing flavours for you to explore, from familiar tobacco tastes to fun, sweet options.

Don’t let another Stoptober pass you by, take it as your chance to get off the cigarettes for good.