Stoptober: easy way out of smoking

A well-known principle in life is: “it is easy to quit but takes courage to keep pushing forward.” …Well, unless we are talking about smoking. Cigarette after cigarette, smokers are pouring their life and money down the drain, unable to find a way out of the never-ending spiral. If you are having trouble breaking up with cigarettes, FEAR NOT! Vapor Shop Direct is here to show you an easy (perhaps even exciting) way out during Stoptober 2022.


Cigarettes are addictive… so what?

We all chase the pleasures of life; it is one reason we wake up every morning to go to work. The nicotine present in tobacco is what makes cigarettes so addictive. Nicotine is both a stimulant and a depressant, and has no negative health effects on its own. In fact, nicotine is shown to be beneficial in treating certain illnesses in smaller quantities, when used in the right way.

If nicotine isn’t bad, what part of a cigarette kills?

The answer is tar and carbon monoxide, and dozens of other carcinogenic chemicals. Cigarette smoke has over seven thousand chemicals, and many of them are carcinogenic. Nicotine makes you addicted to cigarettes but it is the other chemicals that are to blame for the countless strokes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers smoking is associated with.


The easy way out of smoking

Nicotine isn’t all that bad to begin with, and it is what makes fighting your smoking addiction so difficult. But what if there was a way to convert nicotine to your side in this battle? Yup, we’re talking about using nicotine to fight your smoking habit.

E-liquid used in vaping come with a certain strength of nicotine. With varying nicotine strengths of 0mg to 20mg, you can feed your nicotine-craving desires while fending off the evil chemicals that are out there to get your health. Vaping is a much safer (and cheaper – the side benefit) alternative to smoking that is free of all the carcinogenic substances present in tobacco smoke. The idea is, you are unlikely to give in to your smoking urges when there will never be an urge, since you’re still getting your nicotine kick in a safer and tastier way.

To make your transition from smoking as smooth as possible, you would want to start off with a high nicotine strength e-liquid; somewhere around 20mg nic salt content. Disposable vapes such as the Klik Klak vape provide an MTL experience similar to smoking and have a nicotine content mimicking that of a cigarette. If you wish to quit nicotine in general, you can slowly work your way down from the 20mg range to the 0mg nic salt range – something you can never do with cigarettes.


Is vaping safer than smoking?

The answer is ‘absolutely’. Regardless of what you may have heard on the internet and in forums, vaping is a proven much safer alternative than smoking. There haven’t been as many studies done on vapor, so we don’t know for certain the number of chemicals present in the vapor your vape device produces. However, vapor does not contain the two greatest health-predators present in tobacco smoke: tar and carbon monoxide. Besides, e-liquid is made of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, and both are food-grade substances with no harmful effect on your lungs, stomach, kidneys or liver.



Stoptober is here, and here is your chance to embark on the 28-day no smoking challenge. Why? Because if you don’t smoke for 28 days you have likely beaten the habit, never to return to buy another pack of cigarettes. But Vapor Shop Direct doesn’t just stop at advice, we’ve got something for you: visit our store for bundles and exclusive deals on vapes that will help you big farewell to cigarettes.