SKY Crystal Bar Pro

Vapor Shop Direct is here with yet another review of a disposable vape: The SKY Crystal Bar Pro. With its crystal-like appearance, the Crystal Bar Pro has stolen the hearts of vapers across the UK. Just when we thought that things couldn't get any better, SKY just released a series of new Crystal Bar Pro flavours!


SKY Crystal Bar Pro

You are likely reading this blog before you buy a Sky Crystal Bar Pro yourself. Well, if you are looking for an honest review of the device and its flavours, Vapor Shop Direct is here with a new blog about SKY’s latest addition to our store’s shelves: The SKY Crystal Bar Pro.



There is nothing particularly new about the design of the disposable vape if you are already familiar with the much similar SKE Crystal Bar. The crystal-like appearance remains the same, with a flat mouthpiece that feels gentle on your lips. The long metallic tube with a colour gradient, secured by a long glassy tube gives the disposable vape pod its precious look. All of this comes with no extra cost to its portability; the device is lightweight and pocket-friendly. If you are looking to vape with style, the Crystal Bar Pro is your go-to device. What sets the SKY Crystal Bar Pro apart from the SKE Crystal Bar are its flavours and an odd semi-circle at the base of the device, which we will get to in a minute.


Features and Specification

Each SKY Crystal Bar Pro comes with 2ml of e-liquid at 20mg nicotine strength, the device is inhale-activated, and provides a smooth throat hit on each of the 600 puffs. The device has a 550mAh battery as opposed to the regular 500mAh battery most 600-puff disposable vapes have. Now, you may be wondering, why would you want a more powerful battery if the amount of e-liquid remains the same. Allow us to introduce what sets the SKY Crystal Bar Pro apart from other disposables: a stylish, built-in light that makes the vape pod glow every time you vape (that’s what the semi-circle we spoke of earlier is about).


The SKY Crystal Bar Pro emits white light

A disposable vape pod that glows every time you inhale… how cool! This is quite a big deal if you wish to take a vape with you on a night out. Every time you draw one from your disposable vape pod, your Crystal Bar Pro emits a white light that gives your already crystal-like vape a much more magical appearance – a glow. While the light isn’t necessarily something that will blind you when you inhale, it does make your vape pod feel and look special.



Lights aren’t the only thing that is special about the Crystal Bar Pro. SKY Crystal Bar Pro has 26 flavours for you to choose from, all of which are available at our store Vapor Shop Direct.

We are not planning to delve deep into any of the flavours on this blog. However, we did single out our favourite flavour from the new releases.

Mr Blue

Expect the most perfect mixture of blueberries and aniseed you have come across, alongside a fresh whiff of menthol. What makes Crystal Bar Pro Mr Blue so special is the natural flavour profile of the blueberries rather than the ordinary chemically induced taste you may be familiar with. Pair this with cool menthol and aniseed; you’ll be buying more than just one Crystal Bar Pro Mr Blue flavour.

SKY Crystal Bar Pro: Verdict

This isn’t really a hard one: The device is absolutely worth it’s cost! While it is slightly pricier than the SKE Crystal Bar, it comes with added style… and lights, making it the perfect vape for a night out! The new flavours are definitely worth a try. Even though we have singled out Mr Blue as our favourite, the other flavours are just as good.

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