SKE Crystal Bar vs SKY Crystal Bar Pro (And TBO Crystal Bar)

Disposable vapes no longer look boring in 2023. The introduction of vapes that resemble glassy, colourful crystals have changed vaping. Vapers now get to proudly display their disposable vapes in their shiny, extravagant glory.

However, the new trend in producing vapes that look like crystals come at a cost: vapers are having a tough time identifying vape brands due to their identical looks. In the blog, Vapor Shop Direct will explore the SKE Crystal Bar, Sky Crystal Bar Pro, and the TBO Crystal Bar to help you understand their differences.


SKE Crystal Bar

Many consider the SKE Crystal Bar to be the “original” crystal vape. The devices dates back to before the SKY and TBO versions, amassing a following early on that would later split between the three manufacturers.

The SKE Crystal Bar is a top-of-the-line disposable vape that boasts a sleek design made from durable stainless steel and PCTG material. Measuring 17mm by 17mm by 104mm, this device is both stylish and sturdy, offering impact resistance for an optimal vaping experience.

This device comes with a 500mAh battery which lasts long enough until the prefilled 2ml of 20mg nic salt juice runs dry. Unlike the other disposable vapes in the market, the SKE Crystal Bar comes with a mesh coil rather than a single spiral-shaped wire.

With 41 unique flavours to choose from, each flavour is represented by its own color combination, making it not only delicious but also visually appealing. The SKE Crystal Bar is made up of a spherical tube that contains the e-liquid and is covered with a foil material featuring a metallic color gradient. The tube is encased in a clear plastic mold with a square shape, and the mouthpiece is in the form of a duckbill shape. At the bottom, a silver plastic plate covers the ventilation hole and LED light, while the name of the flavour, the device, and its nicotine level are displayed in black text down the front.

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SKY Crystal Bar Pro

The Crystal Bar Pro may look similar to the SKE Crystal Bar, but it boasts a more powerful 550mAh battery. This larger battery allows for the "glow when inhaling" feature to be used effectively while still providing 600 puffs. The design, e-liquid capacity, and nicotine strength are all similar to the SKE Crystal Bar. However, the Crystal Bar Pro offers a wider range of flavors.

The SKY Crystal Bar Pro has 26 new flavors now available to choose from, providing a wider variety of taste than its SKE Counterpart.

The SKE Crystal Bar is more compact than the SKY Crystal Bar Pro, due to its smaller battery. However, the only major difference at first glance is the name of the brand itself, so watch out for the “Y” and the “E”!

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TBO Crystal Bar

The TBO Crystal Bar too, has a crystal-like glassy appearance. This vape has much more in common with the SKE Crystal Bar than the SKY Crystal Bar Pro. With no glowing features, TBO relies on their collection of exclusive flavours to compete with SKY and SKE.

The TBO Crystal Bar has 26 flavours, many of which are exclusively available to the disposable vape. Some of these include Lemon Lime, Tropical Punch, and Unicorn Shake. Most TBO Crystal Bar fans are actually fans of the exclusive flavours, which deliver a truly unique combination of taste.

The TBO Crystal Bar is visually different from the SKY and SKE versions. There are two colour gradients instead of 1, which makes it slightly more colourful than its SKE and SKY counterparts. The manufacturer’s name ‘TBO’ is printed on the device, which is hard to miss alongside its miniature stature and three colours underneath the transparent tube.

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