RandM Tornado 7000 E-liquid Review

The mythical RandM Tornado 7000 has always had its place in the hearts and wishlists of vapers. Yet, the vape brand has only recently made its way into vape stores in the UK, albeit in the form of nic salt e-liquids.

While they aren't the glorious, seemingly never ending disposable vapes they gained popularity for, the little vape juice bottles pack the same delicious flavour and nicotine hit. If you're concerned whether the new RandM Tornado 7000 e-liquids stand up to its fame, you've come to the right place. Vapor Shop Direct is here to review the new RandM vape juices and provide our honest verdict.


Is The RandM Tornado 7000 Legal In The UK?

The RandM Tornado 7000 disposable vape is illegal for sale in the UK. However, you can still purchase a 10ml RandM Tornado nic salt e-liquid containing the same delicious flavour.

The UK's regulations on disposable vapes restrict the e-liquid capacity to a maximum of 2ml, which translates to approximately 600 puffs per device. Unfortunately, RandM Tornado 7000 disposable vapes exceed this limit, making them illegal for sale in the UK.

Despite their exceptional flavour and extended lifespan in other regions, the stringent regulations regarding e-liquid capacity prevent their availability within the UK market. While this law applies to disposable vapes, nic salt e-liquids fly under the radar, making the 10ml RandM Tornado nic salt e-liquids perfectly legal.


Are The RandM Tornado 7000 E-liquids The Same As The Disposable Vapes?

R and M Nic salts

Yes, the RandM Tornado 7000 e-liquids are essentially the liquid form of the famous RandM Tornado 7000 disposable vapes. Crafted by Shenzhen Zope Co. Ltd, these e-liquids capture the same irresistible flavour profiles and (to the surprise of many vapers) offer the same nicotine hit as their disposable counterparts.

Despite the difference in presentation, the e-liquids encapsulate the essence of disposable vapes that made RandM popular. Make no mistake, vapers can relish the distinctive RandM Tornado 7000 experience through the permissible e-liquid format.


RandM Tornado 7000 Top Flavour

No review is complete without picking out the top flavours. While we do not plan on diving deep in this blog, we'll present our top pick for RandM Tornado 7000 flavour. If you wish to read about the flavours in more detail, head over to our blog about RandM Tornado top flavours.

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry RandM 7000

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry RandM

Much like it's disposable counterpart, the Blueberry Cherry Cranberry RandM 7000 combines the rich and robust flavours of succulent blueberries, tangy cherries, and tart cranberries to deliver a multifaceted burst of fruity goodness.

It's perhaps the best reviewed RandM Tornado 7000 flavour. The sweet and tart notes of blueberries and cherries interplay with the refreshing essence of cranberries, offering a complex and deeply satisfying vaping hit. Serves well during the winter months!


RandM Tornado 7000 Verdict

The verdict is... YES! The RandM Tornado 7000 e-liquid unquestionably stands up to its reputation. The flavour profile, nicotine hit, and texture are identical to the disposable vapes bearing the same name. The vape juices are a steal for £3.99 (available for sale at Vapor Shop Direct).

Best Vape Kit To Enjoy RandM Tornado 7000 E-liquids

Aspire Flexus Q Pod Starter Vape Kit

If you're looking for the right vape pen to enjoy your newly purchased bottle of RandM Tornado 7000 e-liquid, you need not look further than the Aspire Flexus Q pod starter vape kit. The vape kit will keep vaping simple and convenient.

The device is powered by a 700mAh built-in battery. That's enough to ensure that you get to enjoy extended vaping sessions, only limited by the 10 minute recharges (that's right, just 10 minutes). Paired with the 2ml Flexus Q refillable pod, both the 0.6 Ohm and 1.0 Ohm Flexus Q coils included in the kit offer an MTL (Mouth To Lung) inhalation experience.

Using the Flexus Q kit is effortless - just take a puff through the mouthpiece to activate the inhale technology, providing a satisfying MTL vape that resembles smoking - in RandM flavour. If you prefer more control over the activation, there's a button on the front for that. The Flexus Q also boasts three power settings, letting you adjust the vapor output to your preference.