Top 5 disposable vapes 2022

Vaping is a new normal these days. Compact, fully-featured, portable, and disposable vapes have replaced traditional cigarettes. See what the report says - the number of e-cigarette users increased from 700,000 to 3.6 million in 2019, dropped to 3.2 million in 2020, and rose again to 3.6 million in 2021.

So, the fact remains that vaping has become a good alternative to smoking. Even ardent smokers are turning to vape as it is a great option for those who want to quit smoking and stay away from the various health effects it causes. 

Vapers will have similar sensitivities to smoking when they begin to vape, but it is still  dangerous to their health than smoking. If you are a chain-smoker and want to stop smoking, you might want to check out a disposable vape device.

After doing extensive research, we've reached a point where we can share 5 disposable vapes that are perfect for any vaper, whether they are a beginner, intermediate or experienced vaper.

5 Trending Disposable Vapes in 2022

  1. VAPEMAN Solo+ Grape Energy

 VAPEMAN Solo+ Grape Energy

If you want a robust and powerful vaping experience, then you should check out the range of  Vapeman Solo+ Disposable Vape Device that are available within your budget. The battery capacity of the device is 550mAh which is 270mAh more than the previous single disposable kit. The pre-filled liquid capacity allows 600 puffs. However, there are 25 flavours or combinations available such as Banana Ice, Blue Razz, Mango Ice, Mixed Berry, Pina Colada, Spearmint, Mojito, and more that you can try.  

  1. Nasty Fix Cushman

Nasty Fix Cushman

It's best to try this too. The device is compact and allows vapers to try out a variety of Nasty Juice flavours without the need to refill the pod or tank. You can start vaping the very moment you unpack the box. It contains about 675 puffs which are equivalent to about 20 cigarettes. Since the device is compact in appearance, you can take it with you wherever you go. You can easily choke because e-liquids contain nic salts, no matter what flavour you choose.   

Whether you want to choose candy, soda, menthol, tobacco, or fruit flavours, you will have the best vaping experience. The Nasty Fix Cushman Disposable Vape Device features an adjustable airflow system that allows you to choose between a tight or loose inhale to find which vape gives you the best experience. 

The nic salt present in e-liquid not only hits the throat easily, but it is also rapidly absorbed and allows you to satisfy all your vaping or smoking cravings.

During each inhalation, you can feel the unique taste of juicy mangoes, which will make you lose in steam.

The device packs a 700mAh battery and can last up to 675 puffs without any problems. It's a perfect choice for a beginner as they can start vaping without needing to know 'how to start', doesn't need to spend time setting up, has absolute zero maintenance, and is equal to 20 cigarettes. So, if you want a long-lasting Vaping experience, choosing this device would be a smart move.  

  1. IVG Aloe Grape Ice

IVG Aloe Grape Ice

Whenever you want to start vaping, you should try the IVG Bar Aloe Grape Ice Disposable Pod Device. There is a wide range of flavours available that you can choose from for your vaping desires. These flavours are smooth and can give a deep satisfaction from start to finish. IVG Bar has designed a disposable pod device that does not require replacing coils, charging or refilling the device. Each IVG bar device comes pre-filled with 2ml 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid and is available in a variety of flavours. It has so much battery and e-liquid that it will run out after 600 puffs.     

The IVG bar has simple yet exquisite features that make every vaper confident and stylish whenever they hold it. Apart from style, it makes the vapers comfortable when they take them in their hand and start vaping through the mouth. The device contains e-liquid with the flavours of Floral Aloe Vera, Aloe Grape Ice and Sweet Grapes. Moreover, it is leak-proof and disposable, so it can be a perfect partner for beginners.     

  1. RedBull Elf Bar/ Energy Elf bar

Elf Bar Energy Ice

There is a slight difference between an elf bar and a geek bar, which is that the elf bar is taller in size than the geek bar. The Elf bar has a vape pen-like design. Although both the devices have similar battery life and puff capacity, the selection will depend on individual choices. Elf Bar 600 Redbull Ice Disposable Pod Device 20mg is a small and easy-to-use device that provides a smooth vaping experience. 

The device comes with a pre-filled e-liquid and a built-in battery that will last up to 20 cigarettes. With no need to maintain, recharge or refill the device at any time, you can start vaping as soon as you buy it. The bar is designed in such a way that it emits a fractional amount of vape from the mouth to the lungs. Because of this, the vapers look like they are smoking, but they are vaping. 

The redbull elf bar is an energy drink with ice in the flavoured form. The device is inhale active, so there are no buttons or specific tricks to get started. Because of its easy-to-use feature, many vapers and smokers prefer to stock disposable pod devices. Bulk shopping is always a smart way and you can buy ELF Bar 600 Disposable for only £3.95. Each elf bar uses nic salt e-liquid which lubricates the throat and satiates the nicotine craving.

  1. Pink Lemonade Geek Bar

Geek Bar Pink Lemonade

If you are craving something sweet and sour, then the Geek Bar is specially made for you. It comes in absolutely stylish colours and sizes that you can take with you wherever you go. It's so comfortable to carry in your pocket that you can't ignore the device. The delicious lemonade and fresh berries make a deadly combination that vapers can experience in each of their vape. The vaper will certainly have a solid throat hit and excellent taste that they won't like to hold the device to one side while vaping. 

The device is designed in such a way that every vaper will want to take it and puff it till the end as its taste can make them tamer. There is a wide range of vaping devices, but Geek bar disposable vapes make an impressive difference. Vapers don't need to be charged, refilled, or swapped coils too often for a consistent vape experience; They can only fill 500 to 600 puffs and switch to the next flavour. Such devices are pre-filled with 2ml 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid. Each of our Geek Bar devices comes with a charged battery and pre-loaded juice that can last about 575 puffs. However, the exact amount of puff will depend on the vaper’s habit.

The device, Geekbar Pink Lemonade Disposable Pod Device 20mg is slim, stylish, and rich in appearance. There are berry and lemonade as primary e-liquids, and it is available with a 500mAh built-in battery. It is expected to have a 2ml pod capacity and around 575 puffs.

You can buy it from the store for £4.95 and step into the vape world.                

Summing up,

Get, set, and go to buy any of these disposable vapes, either to start or further your vaping journey. If you have already tried it, tell us your vaping experience in the below comment box. If you have not tried it yet, then you should. 

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