Klik Klak vape combinations

The wait is over and Element Klik Klak vapes have flooded the market. At Vapor Shop Direct, you can now get your hands on a new generation of disposable vapes with all-new embedded magnet technology. By ‘clicking’ two Klik Klak vapes together, you can create your very own flavour of Klik Klak vape.

If you have been an avid user of other disposable vape brands, you are probably familiar with most of the flavours. Elf Bar disposables, for example, provide 27 flavours to choose from. But that was as plentiful as it gets; until the Klik Klak vape was released. With just 10 base flavours to purchase from, you have the flexibility to create 55 unique Klik Klak vape combinations.


Top 5 Klik Klak flavour combinations

Now, it would be madness to cover all 55 flavour possibilities. Vapor Shop Direct instead brings you the five best combinations you can come up with. Hold on to your magnets, we are about to engage in some delicious Klik Klak clicking.


1. Watermelon + Blue Sour Raspberry


 There is something strangely magical about this combination. Perhaps, it is rooted in the fact that both standalone flavours are some of the best-loved in the community. The fruity taste of summer brought by watermelon, complimented with a sweet-sour berry taste makes for a unique vaping experience. Make no mistake, there is absolutely nothing like it elsewhere.


2. Watermelon + Ice


 The second place goes to an all-time classic. This  combination may not be as unique as the first, but it still remains a delectable crowd pleaser. Similar to other disposable vape Watermelon Ice flavours, prepare to be carried away by the juicy texture of red ripe watermelon with a slightly cold aftertaste.


3. Aloe Grape + Pineapple


 For the third place, we have nominated an unusual combination of aloe vera, Mediterranean grapes and tropical pineapple. Having your fruits come from different continents should already tell you that this combination is really unique. The different sweet notes of grapes and pineapple works in perfect harmony when mixed with the soft – watery taste of aloe vera.


4. Passion + Pineapple


 If there is one thing that makes pineapple infinitely better, it is the addition of passionfruit. This may either remind you of the early 2000s classic Fruit Ninja game, or a cocktail served during the warmest of months. With this flavour combination, expect a rush of sweetness followed by bursts of strong tropical fruit flavour.


5. Raspberry Lemonade + Ice


 Raspberry lemonade + ice hits just the right spot if you’re a lemonade vape enthusiast. This combination consists of freshly picked raspberries blended with sparkling lemonade, followed by an icy cool blast. The standalone version of raspberry lemonade flavour is near-perfect on its own while missing only one element: the cool menthol taste of Ice.


Klik Klak disposable vapes are now available for purchase at Vapor Shop Direct for just £5.00.

Note* Each pack contains only one Klik Klak disposable vape. Purchase two flavours of your choice to combine them.




With 10 base flavours, you can create up to 55 different Klik Klak flavour combinations, only limited by your imagination. Grab your own pair and click them together today!

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