Vaping in public

Vaping is a popular alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, but the rules surrounding where it is allowed can be confusing. In the UK, vaping is generally legal in public places, but there are some exceptions and restrictions to consider. In this blog, Vapor Shop Direct will walk you through a few basic guidelines when vaping in public in the UK.


Vaping in Enclosed Public Spaces

In the UK, smoking has been banned in all enclosed public spaces since 2007, and this ban also applies to vaping. This means that you cannot vape inside buildings that are open to the public, such as restaurants, shops, and offices. However, some exceptions to this rule do exist, such as designated smoking areas in prisons, residential care homes, and mental health units. These exceptions are in place due to the specific circumstances of these facilities and the challenges of enforcing a complete ban on smoking and vaping.


Vaping in Outdoor Public Spaces

Vaping is generally allowed in outdoor public spaces in the UK, with a few exceptions. Some local authorities have implemented their own rules prohibiting vaping in certain outdoor areas, such as playgrounds and sports grounds. This is often done to protect children and young people from exposure to e-cigarette vapor and to prevent the normalization of vaping among young people. In addition, the use of e-cigarettes is prohibited on the London Underground and other public transport systems in the UK. This is due to the confined spaces of these modes of transportation, which can make it difficult for non-smoking passengers to avoid inhaling secondhand vapor.


Vaping in pubs

Vaping in pubs has become a controversial topic in recent years. Some pubs have embraced vaping as a way to provide a safer and more convenient alternative to smoking, while others have banned it outright. Proponents of vaping in pubs argue that it allows smokers to continue enjoying their habit without exposing others to secondhand smoke or adding to the litter problem caused by cigarette butt disposal. However, opponents of vaping in pubs point out that the long-term health effects of vaping are still unknown.

Ultimately, the decision to allow vaping in pubs is up to the individual establishment, and it is up to the patron to respect the rules of the establishment they are visiting.


Vaping in Private Spaces

In the UK, you are generally allowed to vape in private spaces, such as your own home or car. However, if you are the owner or manager of a private space that is open to the public, you may have to consider whether or not to allow vaping on your premises. Many businesses and organizations have decided to adopt a no-smoking or no-vaping policy in order to create a healthier and more pleasant environment for their employees and customers.



While vaping is generally allowed in public, there are certain exceptions you may need to watch out for. Vaping in mediums of public transport, for example, is illegal due to the enclosed nature of trains and buses. Certain establishments such as pubs are divided on whether to allow vaping or not. As we often say here at Vapor Shop Direct, it is important to respect the space of others when vaping.