How Are Disposable Vapes Made?

Disposable vapes have taken the vaping industry by storm by offering the most efficient way to quit smoking. Disposables are the simplest and most beginner-friendly among the bunch, attracting dozens of young vapers. But have you ever wondered how these small devices are made? If you have been a little curious, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, Vapor Shop Direct will be taking a deep dive into the production of a disposable vape with you right next to us.


What are disposable vapes made of?

Disposable vapes are made up of a few key components: a battery, an atomizer, and the e-liquid. The battery powers the device, the atomizer heats the coil, and the coil then heats the e-liquid and turns it into vapour. Let’s break down each key component and explore how they’re made.


How are the e-liquids made? 

E-liquids are a critical component that any vaping device cannot function without. The e-liquid is the component that gives the vape its vapour, flavour and nicotine content. E-liquids are made up of a few key ingredients like propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavourings, and nicotine. All these key ingredients are mixed in specific ratios to obtain the desired e-liquid with the desired flavour.

Throughout the mixing process, quality control measures are put in place to ensure that the e-liquid is safe and consistent. Each batch of e-liquid is tested for nicotine strength, flavour, and consistency. Any e-liquid that does not meet the desired standards is discarded. Once this process is done, the e-liquid is then bottled or stored carefully until they are assembled into disposables.


What about the vape’s battery?

The battery too is an essential component of a vape. There’s no point in having fancy flavours and features without having the power to turn them on. Typically, disposable vapes use a lithium-ion battery as their power source. These batteries provide a reliable source of power for a very decent amount of time. Their battery capacities range from 400mAh up to 750mAh and are fully capable of lasting until the e-liquid is depleted.


How is the assembling process?

Once the e-liquid, the battery and some other essential parts like the atomizer are ready, they are all assembled into the final product. The battery and atomizer are typically housed in a plastic or metal casing that also holds the e-liquid. The casing is sealed to make the vape leakproof. As the name “disposable” goes, the casing is designed to be disposable too. The mouthpiece is then installed to the casing, or it may even come prebuilt to the casing.

After the branding and naming are done, the last step is packaging and shipping the product. Once the packaging is done, they are then shipped to retailers and distributors all around the globe.



Through this process, disposables go from some disassembled parts to the flavourful vape on your palm, begging you to take the next puff. Understanding this procedure can give you insight into the safety and effectiveness of your vape.

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