Guide: All Elf Bar Flavours

Elf Bar vape pods are universally praised for their convenience and elegant designs. With the introduction of disposable vape pods, vaping isn’t what vaping used to be – in a good way. Elf Bar’s disposable devices deliver what any vape does, minus the bothersome process of refilling e-liquids and swapping coils.

However, its plentiful selection of delicious flavours is what allowed Elf Bar to win so many hearts. Speaking frankly, there is an entire loyal fanbase around just Elf Bar flavours. You may already be familiar with one or two, but that’s just scraping the surface of a goldmine. Now, get your hats and gloves ready; Vapor Shop Direct is about to lower the cage deep into the Elf Bar flavour mine.


Every Elf Bar Flavour, sorted by type

It isn’t easy to sort e-liquid flavours when most of them are combinations of one another. However, Vapor Shop Direct has done that hard work for you and sorted them into five categories.


Fruit flavours

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Apple Peach – A combination of two popular fruits. Garden-grown green apples; crisp and tasty, blended with sweet and tart peach. If you are looking for a fruity anytime refreshment, this flavour should be on your list.

Watermelon – Nothing reminds you of the beach and summer like a red, ripe watermelon. If you are looking for a sweet summery vape with a juicy texture, Elf Bar’s Watermelon flavour will serve you just right.

Cherry – It’s sugary, it’s simple, it’s cherry. There is something about cherries that make your mouth water when you hear someone just mention it. Elf Bar cherries are just fresh cherries, fragrant and delicious. Satisfies vapers across the spectrum.

Grape – Mediterranean grapes, hand-picked and juiced into e-liquid. Elf Bar’s grape flavour celebrates the most bountiful harvest with a delicious summery grape squash… perfect for anybody!

Coconut Melon – A whiff of the summer breeze; milky coconut and sweet honeydew melon. This flavour serves perfect for those looking to calmly drift back to the warmer months through a relaxing vaping experience. 

Mango – Nothing can go wrong with the king of fruit. Out of all Elf Bar flavours, mango is the simplest; a ripe succulent, tropical fruit condensed into e-liquid. A generous anytime refreshment capable of satisfying anyone with its sweetness.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava - Elf Bar’s Kiwi Passionfruit Guava flavour packs a summery tropical punch. A layer of flavourful kiwi complimented by sweet and tart passionfruit, gently soothed by the refreshing taste of ripe guava.

Pink Grapefruit – Speaking of warmer months, this is what you’d want on a lazy summer afternoon as your rock yourself in a hammock. Citrus delight with a luxurious flavour profile to gently nudge you to sleep.

Pineapple Peach Mango – This is as tropical as a flavour could get. Pineapple Peach Mango combines the sweetest and most delicious three tropical fruits in thick vape juice form. Perfect as an anytime refreshment.

You can order any Elf Bar fruit flavour here without having to meet a minimum purchase requirement. 

Berry flavours

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Blueberry – Blueberries picked from gardens in the North and squashed into vape juice form. This is as natural as a flavour gets, with a pinch of added sweetness. Serves as an anytime refreshment.

Blueberry Raspberry – If you are a berry lover, you are in for a treat. Elf Bar’s Blueberry Raspberry flavour combines the best parts of two natural berries. Serves perfect as an anytime refreshment.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry – If you are looking for a balanced vape that hits multiple flavour profiles while still remaining natural, this is it. Blueberry Sour Raspberry is great for berry-fanatics who aren’t satisfied with just sweetness.

Mad Blue – The ultimate treat for berry lovers. Elf Bar’s finest berry flavour Mad Blue combines 3; fresh blueberries, red raspberries and flavour-packed blackberries. If you can’t get enough of berries, this is your match.

You can order any Elf Bar berry flavour here without having to meet a minimum purchase requirement.


Fruit/Berry + Menthol flavours

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Strawberry Ice – Ripe red strawberries, freshly picked and squashed into a delicious Elf Bar flavour, with a hint of ice. If you are in search of a vape that delivers a whiff of winter with every inhale, this is the right flavour for you.

Banana Ice – Creamy and thick, but cold on the tongue. We would describe Banana Ice as a thick and sweetened banana smoothie that delivers a hint of coldness towards the end. Serves as an anytime refreshment.

Peach Ice – Prepare for a tropical adventure packed with fruity goodness with this Elf Bar flavour. Peach Ice brings you the saccharine ripe peaches blanketed with a layer of ice. Perfect for summer vaping vibes.

Lychee Ice – Lychees have a flavour that is yet to be discovered in any other fruit. Elf Bar’s tantalising Lychee Ice flavour brings you the best Chinese lychees accompanied by a frosty breeze. Perfect for the adventurous. 

Mango Milk Ice – With Elf bar’s flavour Mango Milk Ice, you can carry a delicious mango milkshake in your pocket where ever you go. Creamy, cold and sweet… a perfect refreshment for the warmer months.

Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice – The sweetest strawberry notes paired with juicy red raspberries and bold cherries. If you are looking for a tantalizing vape experience with a fruity yet cooling aftertaste, this is the one. 

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Fizzy and Energy Drink flavours

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Cola – Another classic remade as an e-liquid. A fizzy rush of sweetened soda with a long-lasting aftertaste. This Elf Bar flavour is guaranteed to satisfy your soda cravings without the nasty carbohydrates.


Blue Razz Lemonade – Probably the best-reviewed elf bar flavour. Delicious blueberries and raspberries added to sparkling lemonade have something magical about it. A true anytime refreshment.


Elfbull Ice – A distinct mocktail of various fruits and energy drinks. This one is hard to put into words; it is sweet, sharp, fizzy and cold at the same time. This might be what you’re looking for if you are on the hunt for a ‘different’ flavour.

Strawberry Elfbull –If you feel that Elf Bar’s Elfbull Ice flavour is missing one crucial ingredient, this may be the one for you. Ripe red strawberries added to a mocktail of various fruits and energy drinks. 

Pink Lemonade – Summer is never complete without a few glasses of pink lemonade squeezed between the fun. This is where Elf Bar’s flavour Pink Lemonade comes in. Suitable if you are looking for a summer vaping escapade.

Cherry Cola – A classic fizzy drink in its full glory. Elf Bar’s Cherry Cola flavour is no different from the original fizzy drink, except this one is in thick e-liquid form. Great for those with active lifestyles.

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Cotton Candy Ice – Imagine an Elf Bar flavour that takes you back to your childhood with every inhale. Cotton Candy Ice is essentially sweet and fluffy Candyfloss condensed into vape juice. Oh, there is an added icy surprise towards the end of each draw. 

Cream Tobacco – For those who haven’t fully parted with the traditional cigarette or are simply missing its strong taste, this one is for you. Cream Tobacco is a mixture of sweet cream and tobacco.

Elf Berg – If we were to summarise this Elf Bar flavour in 4 words, they would be; more berries, more menthol. Elf Berg mixes juicy fresh berries with a menthol blast. Serves well as a sweet and frosty vape flavour.


Spearmint – Classic spearmint, simple, cool and refreshing. This is the flavour you’re looking for if you need a reinvigorating vape that will breathe life into you with just one puff. An anytime refreshment.


Strawberry Ice Cream – A sweet and cold dessert in creamy e-liquid form. Even if strawberry ice cream isn’t your thing, this Elf Bar flavour is sure to surprise you with its saccharine, perfect texture.

 You can order any Elf Bar dessert/sweets flavour here without having to meet a minimum purchase requirement.


Like they always say, ‘the more the merrier. Elf Bar has undoubtedly avoided coming short in the flavour department, building a loyal fanbase around their tasty e-liquids. There really is something for everyone, doesn’t matter whether you are in search of a fizzy energy drink, a summer fruit, a winter fruit or a combination of the three.

Regardless of how many flavours Elf Bar offers, you would be missing out on a lot if you choose the place for your vape pods poorly. If you are looking for an Elf Bar vape pod, visit to pick from a complete range of flavours. Oh, and you don’t need to meet a minimum order requirement.