elux legend mini

Old doesn’t always mean good and good doesn’t always mean old. Glancing back and forth across a series of vape brands, you’ll discover that most of the market’s top players haven’t been on the field for decades. Elux, the new kid on the block, has been making fine contributions to the vaping community with their extraordinary vape products.

The brand was conceived out of a need to combine convenience with luxury. In fact, the ‘lux’ in Elux stands for luxury. However, we’re not here to talk about the company’s backstory or history – we don’t do that here in Vapor Shop Direct. What interests us (and will certainly interest you, our readers) are the features and design that make Elux Legend Mini stand its ground in a sea of similar brands.



Ergonomic design

Elux Legend Mini vape pods are built to feel good not just in your hand, but also on your lips. Elux has taken great care to ensure that their vape pods feel just ‘right’ in every physical aspect; a smooth tapered mouthpiece and a slender rectangular body. This is indeed a huge stride in the opposite direction to their competitors who are known to favour a cylindrical design for their vape pods.

The rectangular body creates an effect of sturdiness and firmness in the user’s hand, reassuring the vape pod won’t slip off.  If you’re familiar with the Elux Legend 3500, you’ll quickly notice the extreme similarities in design. The sleek and slim architecture ensures that an Elux Legend Mini vape pod would fit non-protrusively in your pocket, making it a fine travelling companion.




Now, let’s have a quick scroll-through of the features that make up your Elux Legend Mini:

  • A 500mAh battery
  • A 0.8ohm coil
  • 2ml of 20mg nicotine
  • 600 puffs
  • Draw activated
  • Matte exterior
  • 30 flavours to pick from



Top 5 Elux legend flavours

For a brand that focuses on keeping vape pods simple yet luxurious, Elux doesn’t disappoint in the flavour department. The Elux Legend Mini sports a collection of 30 different flavours ranging from simple fruity flavours to exclusive combinations. If you are a fan of the Elux Legend 3500 flavour collection, you will find the same list of flavours with the Elux Legend Mini.  It will be a slight overkill to parade all 30 flavours in a single blog, so we have picked our 5 favourite flavours.


Strawberry Ice cream

Elux Legend Mini’s Strawberry Ice cream flavour isn’t worlds apart from the strawberry ice cream flavours other brands sell.  However, this doesn’t downplay the fact that Elux has recreated the classic desert to perfect precision with a full creamy-smooth texture. If you are looking for a sugar rush to accompany your vaping experience, this is the one you need.


Mr Blue

There is never a time anyone said “that’s too many berries”. If you are a berry fan, Elux Legend Mini’s Mr Blue flavour will give you the delicious punch you are looking for. What’s in this flavour is a combination of freshly picked raspberries, deep blue blueberries and mouth-watering blackberries. Oops, we forgot to add that there may be a hint of an icy surprise (just maybe).


Tiger Blood

Despite its name, we are not talking about anything gruesome here. It is actually quite the opposite; a heavenly fizzy fruit medley! Elux Legend Mini’s Tiger Blood flavour is a combination of various fruits, coated with layers of fizz and ice. Sound familiar? That’s because it is indeed an energy drink, except that it is in vape juice form. You’re set for a reinvigorating vaping experience.



Is the Elux Legend Mini for you?

If you are looking for a simple yet mesmerizing vaping experience rich in texture and flavour, Elux Legend Mini is for you. This device takes the ‘worry’ out of your outings and replaces it with convenience – it fits perfectly in your pocket, feels good in your hand and provides a smooth vaping experience. If you are new to vaping, you will find yourself in good hands with the MTL style features of the Elux Legend Mini.




elux legend

As new as Elux products are to the market, they have quickly carved out a unique sub-niche in the disposable market; one that is marked by luxury and richness. The Elux Legend Mini lives up to the legacy of its bigger brother the Elux Legend 3500 – a sleek ergonomic design with a hefty collection of flavours.

The Elux Legend Mini is perfect for those looking to get lost in the texture and richness of flavour with every puff of their vape. The compact design of the Elux Legend Mini assures that it will remain in your pocket regardless of where you’re travelling.

Grab your own Elux Legend Mini right here and choose from the full list of Elux flavours. With Vapor Shop Direct, you don’t have to meet a minimum purchase requirement to place your order.