Elf Bar side effects

As cigarettes are increasingly getting frowned upon, vapes have amassed enormous user bases. While the core principle of vaping remains the same: keeping the pack of cigarettes at bay, vapers have branched out to favour various devices and brands, such as Elf Bars

Elf Bar Side Effects

Disposable vapes are the uncontested champ amongst vape devices, with a survey showing that 57% of young adults in the UK were using disposable vapes as of January 2022. The widespread adoption of anything is a reason for concern, especially when its users are likely unaware of how possible adverse effects on the long run. But Fear Not! Vapor Shop Direct is here with unbiased information and facts to ensure that you know exactly what you’re putting in your lungs.

What Is in Elf Bars?

Let’s begin with what’s in every vape device: the atomiser, battery, tank, and e-liquid. We’ll be skipping details about how the coil and battery work since you won’t be putting either in your mouth. Instead, let’s have a close look at what’s in the e-liquid you consume.

The e-liquid inside Elf Bars has three main ingredients: VG, PG, and nicotine.

VG, or vegetable glycerin is a clear liquid that is made from soybeans, palm oil, or coconut oil. Free from any harsh chemicals that will wreak havoc on your insides, VG is completely safe for consumption.

PG, or propylene glycol is what carries the flavour in your vape juice. While it was historically derived from petrochemicals, a large proportion of PG today is obtained from plant-based substances. Propylene glycol is a food-grade substance with no recorded adverse effects.

Nicotine may sound villainous as portrayed by its presence in cigarette smoke, but it is for the most part harmless. Nicotine is both a depressant and stimulant, making it a highly addictive substance. Despite its addictive nature, nicotine can be used to treat certain medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

However, it is worth noting that while the consumption of nicotine may be all right for adults, it’s effects can be detrimental to the growth of young children and teenagers. A study conducted in Canada has shown that nicotine affects growth plate chondrocytes to decrease matrix synthesis, depriving individuals of growth during their early years.


Elf Bar Side Effects

Now that we’ve established what’s present in an Elf Bar, let’s have a look at how it affects you when consumed in the form of vapour. To cut through the clutter, we don’t really know much about vapour in general. The number of studies conducted on the topic is limited, owing to its late appearance in the market. What we do know, however, is that cigarettes are many times more harmful than Elf Bars. Studies conducted on cigarette smoke suggest the presence of over 7000 chemicals, with many of them being carcinogenic. No study conducted to date has proven the existence of any carcinogenic chemicals in Elf Bars or the vapour they produce. If you have chosen vaping as a method of quitting smoking, rejoice! You have made the right decision.

With that being said, it would be the wiser choice to consult a physician before you start vaping. Although rare, there have been reports of allergic reactions to substances present in vapour. Some Elf Bar side effects you may experience include:

  • Cough
  • Nausea
  • Dryness of mouth and throat
  • Headaches
  • Shortness of breath

There have been no recorded long-term side effects to using Elf Bars.


Elf Bar Dangers

There have been no reported deaths directly linked to the consumption of Elf Bars. However, the basic precautions of using a battery-powered electric device should not be ignored. Always begin by reading the instructions on the packaging carefully, and refrain from using a wet device (risk of battery fire). If the coil of your device seems dysfunctional, have your device replaced to avoid burn injuries.

By taking basic precautions and consulting a doctor before vaping, you will have no trouble safely cycling between Elf Bars on a weekly basis. 

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