Ramsey Bar Fusion

We understand your position if you prefer vape pens and vape mods over disposable vapes. Disposable vape pods can be expensive in the long run, far less customisable, and the flavours... No, not the flavours!

There is no denying that disposable vape flavours are irresistibly good. Lately, the flavour market has been unfair to standalone e-liquids, especially when weighing all the unique-tasting vape juices disposable vapes get. That is, until the all-new Ramsey Bar Fusion e-liquids came into existence! You can now refill your vape devices with your favourite disposable vape e-liquid. And we aren’t talking about just any disposable vape here; Ramsey Bar Fusion recreates the legendary Elf Bar flavours to perfect precession.


Ramsey Bar Fusion: Elf Bar flavours in bottles

Elf Bar’s unusual combinations of fruit, energy drinks, menthol and desserts make any vaper’s dreamscape. There is no surprise that Elf Bar has amassed a giant following interested in their mouth-watering flavours alone.  Now, you vape pen and vape mod users, don’t get consumed by FOMO (fear of missing out). Ramsey Bar Fusion has got your back, and we at Vape Shop Direct are about to point you in the not-so-disposable Elf Bar flavour direction.

Ramsey Bar Fusion e-liquids are plentiful, with each one representing an Elf Bar flavour. You will instantly find yourself juggling through dozens of different e-liquid bottles ranging from Watermelon Ice to Strawberry Ice Cream.


VG/PG Ratio

Free from the bondage of being limited to a disposable vape pod, Ramsey Bar Fusion brings customizability to the delicious Elf Bar flavours. We are talking about different VG to PG ratios that define your vaping style. If you are using a sub-ohm coil in your DTL vape kit, a 70% VG / 30% PG of every flavour awaits you in our Ramsey Bar Fusion collection. If you are more of the MTL type, you need not looker further than the ordinary mix of 50% VG / 50% PG.


Nicotine Strength

Ramsey Bar Fusion e-liquids offer two nicotine strengths to suit your cravings. Those who are on the next stop from dropping cigarettes behind will find the 20mg nicotine strength most suitable to complete their transition. Those who are looking for a mid-strength nicotine vaping experience will find the 10mg strength perfect.

If you feel like there’s something missing, you’re probably thinking of the no-nicotine Elf Bar vape pods. We’re proud to inform you that Ramsey Bar Fusion hasn’t let the no-nicotine vape community down; there are short-fill versions of every no-nicotine elf bar flavour available.



A major downside to using disposable vapes is the costs that follow. While the upfront cost may be lower than purchasing a vape pen or a vape mod, the cost of producing each device (which eventually ends up in a trash can) is included in the price tag. This makes vape pens a more economically viable option, since e-liquid refills are less pricey.

Ramsey Bar Fusion makes your favourite Elf Bar flavours more affordable to enjoy in the long term. Each 10ml e-liquid bottle only costs £3.99. For comparison, an Elf Bar 600, prefilled with only 2ml of e-liquid costs £4.99. That makes purchasing a single Ramsey Bar Fusion 10ml bottle 6 times cheaper than buying the equivalent number of Elf Bar disposable vapes.


Ramsey Bar Fusion’s best-selling flavours

It is a no-brainer that the most popular Elf Bar flavours would also turn out to be the best Ramsey Bar Fusion e-liquids. Here are our top three picks for our Ramsey Bar Fusion e-liquid flavours.


Watermelon Ice

Ramsey bar fusion

Looking for a summer fruit vaping escapade? Your natural instinct would be to reach for Elf Bar’s watermelon Ice flavour. Ramsey Bar Fusion’s Watermelon Ice is no different; it will remind you of the juiciest red watermelon you’ve had, paired with a subtle hint of ice.


Blue Razz Lemonade

Ramsey bar fusion

You wouldn’t be wrong to expect the most popular Elf Bar flavour to be on the top Ramsey Bar Fusion list. The blast of various mystical berries paired with the invigorating effect of lemonade will leave you both stunned and revitalized. Laced with both sweet and sharp notes, this will be your favourite Ramsey Bar Fusion flavour in no time.


Pineapple Peach Mango

Ramsey bar fusion

The tropical vaping experience you are looking for. This crowd-pleasing Elf Bar flavour has made its way into Ramsey Bar Fusion e-liquid collection, preserving all its original qualities. You wouldn’t know where to start with this flavour; the succulent, citric taste of pineapple paired with ripe mangoes and tart peach.


Vapor Shop Direct

There is no better place to order your Ramsey Bar Fusion e-liquid than at vapor shop direct; we’ve got the entire collection. With Vapor Shop Direct, you need not meet a minimum purchase requirement to place your order. Oh, and if you order before 2pm, you will receive your Ramsey Bar Fusion on the same day!