Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Kit Review

Vaping enthusiasts and Elf Bar lovers, get ready to hop on an upgraded vaping journey with the Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Vape Kit. This innovative device takes the best features of its predecessor, the Elfa kit, and elevates them to new heights.

With an array of exciting flavours, a user-friendly design, and cutting-edge technology, the Elfa Pro is the perfect choice for vapers who demand more from their vaping experience. Vapor Shop Direct brings you an honest review of the Elf Bar Elfa Pod Pro.


Elfa Pro Pod System Is As Convenient As It Gets

Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Kit

The Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Vape Kit continues the tradition of offering an extensive selection of pre-filled e-liquid pods. With 30 delightful Elfa Pro e-liquid flavours to choose from, you're spoiled for choice. Whether you crave the refreshing taste of tropical fruit or the soothing notes of menthol, there's a flavor that suits your mood.

The Elfa Pro is designed to cater to both seasoned vapers looking to enhance their experience and beginners seeking a reliable and convenient alternative to disposable vapes. This device combines the ease of use of a draw-activated system with the benefits of a rechargeable battery.


The Elfa Pro Pod Flavours Collection

The Elfa Pro pods are the heart of this remarkable device. Each pod is pre-filled with 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid. Nicotine salts are known for their rapid absorption, delivering a satisfying throat hit and quickly satisfying cravings.

What sets these pods apart is the QUAQ tech mesh coil technology. This innovative coil design boasts a large surface area and highly absorbent wicking material, resulting in enhanced flavour delivery. The transparent material of the pods allows you to monitor your e-liquid level, ensuring you're never caught off guard when it's time to replace the pod.

Each device comes with a unique flavour based on its colour:

  • Aurora Green: Apple PeachElf Bar Elfa Pro Prefilled Pods
  • Aurora Purple: Watermelon
  • Aurora Blue: Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
  • Aurora Pink: Pink Lemonade
  • Black: Blue Razz Lemonade
  • Navy Blue: Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • Twilight Brown: Cola
  • Twilight Blue: Mix Berries


The Elfa Pro device is compatible with both Elfa and Elfa Pro pods, expanding your flavor options even further. This compatibility allows you to explore flavors inspired by the popular Elf Bar disposable vapes, along with exclusive blends.

How to Use Elfa Pro Pods

The Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Vape Kit is designed to simplify your vaping experience. To activate your Elfa Pro pod, follow these easy steps:

  1. Remove the silicone plug from the pod.
  2. Peel off the protective sticker located on the base of the pod.
  3. Press the pod's base to activate it.
  4. Insert the Elfa Pro pod into the battery device, and you're ready to enjoy your vaping session.

When your battery is depleted, you can recharge it using a Type-C USB charging cable (not included in the kit). This straightforward process ensures you can keep your device powered up for continuous enjoyment.


Cutting-Edge Technology: QUAQ Mesh Coil

The Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Vape Kit features the advanced QUAQ mesh coil technology. This innovative coil design is known for its ability to produce rich, flavorful vapor while extending the life of your device's power and e-liquid consumption.


Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Kit Specifications and Content:

Elfa PRO Battery:

  • Size: 16 x 90 mm
  • Puffs: Up to 600
  • Charging type: Type-C USB

Elfa PRO Pods:

  • Size: 16 x 53.2 mm
  • Capacity: 2 ml


What's Included?

The Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Vape Kit includes everything you need for a seamless vaping experience:

  • A rechargeable Elfa Pro battery device in your choice of color
  • A preinstalled Elfa Pro e-liquid pod


Elf Bar Elfa Pro Is Perfect

The Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Vape Kit takes the convenience of pre-filled pods to the next level. With an extensive flavor selection, user-friendly design, and advanced technology, it's the perfect choice for vapers seeking a more satisfying and customizable experience.

Whether you're a seasoned vaper looking for enhanced flavor delivery or a beginner in search of an easy-to-use alternative to disposable vapes, the Elfa Pro has something to offer. Say goodbye to complicated setups and embrace the simplicity and convenience of the Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Vape Kit.


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