Elf Bar 600: Complete Guide

Why would you purchase a disposable vape? Convenience! That’s it.

A more appropriate question would be to ask how you define convenience. It is highly subjective; you may be looking for a way around refilling e-liquid, your busy life may limit your ability to charge your device, or you may wish to avoid the hassle of swapping coils. Maybe, a combination of the three if you had the liberty of picking.

Even if you did find an ‘okay’ disposable vape pod after spending an hour looking, you’d wish to have more flavour and nicotine options. Going even further, you’d definitely want a choice for how many puffs your vape pod provides. 800 puffs? That’s too much, you may get bored of the flavour. 350 puffs? Come on, you’re only getting started.

Vapor Shop Direct assures you that you DO have the freedom to choose. This is exactly why we wrote this blog; to celebrate the ultimate disposable vape pod that hits not one, but all three checkboxes of convenient vaping. We are pleasantly delighted to introduce the Elf Bar 600 to you.


Elf Bar

Even if you are new to vaping, it will be unusual to have not heard of Elf Bar and its disposable vapes. Despite being around only since 2018, the company has taken massive strides toward making vaping convenient and simple while dragging the entire industry with them. Today, Elf Bar is associated with the best disposable vape products and the tastiest flavours in the disposable vape market.

The Elf Bar disposable vape series is the epitome of everything right about disposable vapes. Essentially, many vapers will agree that products of this series serve as the frontline of defining what a disposable vape is. For the purpose of this blog, we will narrow down our selection to just the Elf Bar 600 – the most popular of all. Let's have a quick stroll through the three nicotine strengths and top flavours Elf Bar 600 comes with.


Battery and E-liquid

Imagine the charging port on your vape device suddenly vanished. Suddenly, running out of battery becomes the one thing you dread about your vape device. With Elf Bar 600 however, you need not worry about running out of battery even in the absence of a charging port… We’ll explain.

When it comes to how long a battery should last, Elf Bar certainly knows their thing! The whole purpose of disposable vapes is to create a device that doesn’t need to be charged during its lifespan (which is defined by how much e-liquid there is left, really). The Elf Bar 600 has a built-in 550 mAh battery that will not run out of charge until you finish that vape juice. Under tested conditions, this translates to 600 average draws of delicious Elf Bar flavour.


Nicotine Strength

Not everyone likes nicotine, and not everyone wants a weak nicotine kick. Elf Bar knows this too well, which is why you are presented with options when picking your disposable vape’s nicotine strength. The Elf Bar 600 normally offers:

  • 0mg nicotine strength
  • 10mg nicotine strength
  • 20mg nicotine strength

If you are fresh off the cigarette, you may want to have a greater nicotine strength to smoothen your transition to vaping. If you are working your way down a nicotine addiction, or if you are not a fan of nicotine at all, there are always weaker and 0mg nicotine strengths within your list of choices.


Top Elf Bar 600 Flavours

Finally, the most interesting part. You can’t parade Elf bar in its full glory without talking about the flavours it has to offer. Elf Bar has never come short in the flavour department, which is another reason the company has been able to keep the hearts it won. Unfortunately, we are not able to showcase every single flavour on this blog, which is why we have picked the top three!


Elf Bar 600 Watermelon

elf bar 600 watermelon

Looking for a summer fruit vaping experience? Elf Bar’s watermelon flavour will send you on a sweet and juicy summer vaping escapade. We aren’t just talking about any watermelon here, however. Picture red, ripe and sweet watermelon that melts in your mouth in thick vape juice form. There you have it, that’s what you are in for with this Elf Bar 600 flavour.


Elf Bar 600 Blue Razz Lemonade

elf bar 600 blue razz lemonade

If you are even remotely familiar with Elf Bar, this crowd-pleasing flavour needs no introduction. Blue razz lemonade combines freshly picked blueberries and the tastiest raspberries in a sparkling lemonade. Berry lovers, this is it. Even if you aren’t fond of berries, this magical combination is sure to steal the first place as your favourite anytime refreshment.


Elf Bar 600 Strawberry Ice Cream

elf bar 600 strawberry ice cream

What follows a hefty meal? That’s right, a sweet dessert. Well, not with Elf Bar 600 Strawberry Ice Cream – you can now enjoy the most delicious desserts whenever you feel like it. Even if strawberry ice cream isn’t your thing, this Elf Bar flavour is sure to surprise you with its creamy and perfect texture. Guaranteed to have you craving the next draw!




Just walked into disposable-vape land? Don’t worry, Elf Bar 600 shall be your first and last love as long as all you seek is simplicity. With several nicotine strengths and flavours available, you can still customize your vaping experience without leaving your comfort zone (in other words, without the complexity vape pens and mods come with).

If you are looking to purchase an Elf Bar 600 or any other vaping device, it will be in your best interest to keep your shopping experience hassle-free and ensure that the products you get are authentic. This is why you need to visit us at www.vaporshopdirect.com. Oh! You don’t need to meet a minimum purchase requirement to order, just dive right in and grab your favourite vape product.