Elf Bar 1500

You’ve discovered the existence of Elf Bar 1500 vapes on Google. Frustratingly, you run into an issue when you try to order one for yourself: you simply couldn’t find a store that sells Elf Bar 1500 vapes in the UK. However, you are in luck since you managed to find this blog; Vapor Shop Direct is about to solve the mystery behind Elf Bar 1500s.


Elf Bar 1500

If you have read our blog about Elf Bar 600, you may already be familiar with what Elf Bar disposable vapes offer. The Elf Bar 1500 is no different, except that it has a larger capacity, more battery power, and a greater number of puffs. They still come with the standard Elf Bar flavours and the same pod design.


Elf Bar 1500 Specification

An Elf Bar 1500 packs an 850mAh battery, which will give you many more puffs (1500) than the 550mAh battery fitted inside an Elf Bar 600. Indeed, the requirement for a high-capacity battery is justified by the amount of e-liquid inside: 4.8ml. While the extra battery capacity to extra e-liquid ratio may not seem linear, the battery will last as long as the e-liquid inside, eliminating the need to slap a charging port on the vape pod.

To accommodate a bigger battery and bigger vape tank, each vape pod is slightly larger than its 600-puff counterpart. Similar to the Elf Bar 600, there are no buttons involved with your vaping; it is draw-activated.


Is the Elf Bar 1500 fake?

The Elf Bar 1500 is a genuine product by Elf Bar. There is nothing fake about the product if you get your hands on it from a reputable source. This applies to all Elf Bars and disposable vapes, which is why you need to pay heed to where you order your Elf Bars from. At Vapor Shop Direct, you’ll find authentic Elf Bars and a wide range of flavours to choose from. Oh, you can save on your purchases if you order with us!


Buy Elf Bar 1500 in the UK

The Elf Bar 1500 is not available for purchase in the UK. Regardless of how many stores you visit, how many hours you invest in Googling, you will simply not be able to get your hands on an Elf Bar 1500 through any legal means.


Why isn’t the Elf Bar 1500 available in the UK?

You wouldn’t be able to legally purchase an Elf Bar 1500 in the UK since it is not approved for sale anywhere in the country. Disposable vapes are strictly regulated, and no products can contain more than 2ml of e-liquid in them. Since the Elf Bar 1500 comes with 4.8ml of e-liquid, they do not fall under the approved list of disposable vapes by the UK government.


Elf Bar 1500 alternatives

The most obvious alternative option to purchasing an Elf Bar 1500 is ordering 2+ Elf Bar 600 vapes. There isn’t really much of a difference, except that you will be vaping from a new device every 600 puffs. The flavours and design remain the same, while you are at an advantage when buying Elf Bar 600 vapes: your device will be far more compact and travel-friendly, and you get to switch between flavours every 600 puffs.


Order your Elf Bars at Vapor Shop Direct.

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