Can Elf Bars Help You Lose Weight

You have got many things to be proud of; your choice to ditch the cigarette and choose Elf Bars, your smile, and your discipline in sticking to that miraculously weight loss diet. Losing weight is not easy, and as your nutritionist may have advised; it is important to keep track of every calorie you consume. If you are suddenly concerned about those Elf Bars you vape; don’t be! As Vape Shop Direct is about to show you, they might actually be beneficial if used properly.


How many calories are in an Elf Bar?

Let’s start with what’s inside an Elf Bar. The delicious, creamy e-liquid is actually not calorie dense despite being sweet. A simple mixture of Vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and nicotine will barely make a difference in your daily calorie intake even if you smoke an entire pod per day.

A single Elf Bar pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid contains about 10 calories. For comparison, there are more calories in a salad than in a disposable vape! The ten measly calories you consume per Elf Bar can be burnt off with a 30-second walk. Alternatively, you could burn off 10 calories if you sit idle for 6 minutes (yes, you actually burn calories by just sitting on the couch). While 10 calories are negligible enough to lay rest to all your worries, most vapers don’t even consume an entire disposable vape in one day.


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Can Elf Bars help you lose weight?

The correct answer would be: it depends. While disposable vapes by themselves do very little, they can aid you in your weight loss journey if used in the right way. We’ll explain.

If you are on a weight loss diet, you will quickly discover that carbs are hardly your primary concern. The arch nemesis of anyone struggling to lose a few kilograms is actually the uncontrollable raging desire to consume calorie-dense food (such as sweets). While holding back such cravings is regarded as the main challenge by many, disposable vapes provide a vape-induced method of satiating your hunger for junk food without actually consuming calories.


How do Elf Bars help with weight loss?

Elf Bars deliver the same sugar rush as many calorie-dense foods based on the flavour you pick (minus the deadly calories). A simple trick to skip ‘cheating’ your diet would involve you pulling out your disposable vape pod and inhaling when you crave food.

Even if you are not on a diet, it will certainly be beneficial to your physique if you cut down on extra carbs. Next time you plan on buying yourself a box of double-glazed donuts, reroute your car’s GPS to Vapor Shop Direct. We’ll save you from your cravings!



Vaping is not an obstacle in your weight loss journey. With 2ml of e-liquids containing a mere 10 calories, Elf Bars are on the safe side of your diet plan. In fact, you could use the low-calorie sugar rush disposable vapes deliver as a substitute for your diet-breaking cravings. Carrying a disposable vape in your pocket may be the trick you need to limit your calorie intake.

If you are looking to add Elf Bars to your weight loss diet plan, it is necessary to pick your flavours wisely. At Vapor Shop Direct, we have every Elf Bar flavour for you to pick from. You do not need to meet a minimum purchase requirement to place your order!