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Vaping is amongst the little pleasures in life. Dishing out big banknotes to the cashier… not necessarily.

Fortunately, the market is diverse enough for vaping to disassociate itself from hefty price tags. While the luxurious end of vaping is still accessible for those with sizeable bank accounts, myriads of cheap vapes are scattered across vape stores (and many are surprisingly excellent quality). In this blog, Vape Shop Direct will walk you through a collection of relatively 'cheap' cheap vapes that may give many high-end vape products a run for their money.

Instead of focusing on the new vape pods and disposable vapes in the market, this list focuses on vape pens. If you are looking for vape pods, stay tuned; we’ll soon put together a new list in which we nose-dive straight into the all-new world of disposable cheap vapes.


Cheapest Vape Starter Kit (lowest price)


Vaporesso VM Stick 18

Price: £24.99



With Vape Shop Direct you could grab your Vaporesso VM Stick 18 for JUST £9.99  


The cheapest vape pen amongst all cheap vapes. Notice* Cheap does NOT mean poor quality. Vaporesso may not be the most common name in the vape market, but this China-based vape brand has produced a series of low-priced premium vape pens. How low-priced are we talking? £24.99.

Vaporesso VM Stick 18 is built with a single target audience in mind: beginners. While that renders this product a perfect starter kit, it doesn’t exactly equate to avid vapers having an unfavourable time using this single button-operated vape pen. Vaporesso VM Stick 18 is convenient, simple and provides an exceptional vaping experience.

With such a low price tag for its surprisingly good quality; Vaporesso has made it to the very top of our list as the top cheap vape pen that truly delivers value for its cost. You’ve four colours to choose from!


  • Built-in 1200mAh battery
  • Single button operated
  • Threaded top fill system



Cheapest Vape Starter Kit (best value for cost)


Innokin Endura T20S
Price: £22.99

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A brand you may already be familiar with if you were hunting for starter kits. Despite being slightly pricier, Innokin Endura rivals Vaporesso in its value for cost, earning it its position on this list. For a mere £22.99, you could own a super-convenient Endura T20S Starter Kit (that’s right, it is cheaper than Vaporesso).

There is more to this vape pen than just earning its title as an average starter pack. For its relatively low price, you are getting much more than you ask for… an LED battery life and charging indicator, integrated “vape while charging” technology, an easy fill tank system and a high-quality 510 connector.

You’ll taste your favourite e-liquid flavours like you’ve never had with the single-button-operated Innokin Endura T20S.  You’ve nine colours to choose from!


  • Built-in 1500mAh battery (2000mAh battery sold separately)
  • Single button operated
  • Vape while charging technology



Cheapest Multi-feature Vape Kit


Aspire AVP Cube Vape Kit
Price: £24.99

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No matter what your vaping preferences are, Aspire has you covered through all their revolutionary vape pens, pods and mods. Though with great difficulty (for all of them are great), we have picked the best cheap vape pen that delivers uncompromised value for its price. The Aspire AVP Cube Vape Kit will offer you everything you would look for in a sub-ohm vape pen for just £24.99.

This product doesn’t care about where you stand in the vaping community. With its sheer flexibility and customizability, it is guaranteed to make you mutter “the best £25 I have ever spent”.  Ranging from its adjustable airflow all the way to its four power options, you’re essentially getting more than just one vape pen within a single device.

The Aspire AVP Cube Vape Kit is suitable for all purposes, including on-the-go vaping and discreet vaping. Available in seven different colours.


  • Built-in 1300mAh battery
  • Single button operated
  • Adjustable power levels and airflow


Cheapest Vape Kit For Ex-smokers


Aspire PockeX Anniversary Edition Vape Kit

Price: £24.99

     cheap vapes

With Vape Shop Direct you could grab your Aspire PockeX Anniversary Edition Vape Kit for JUST £21.99.

Last but not least on our cheap vapes list, we have an Aspire product once again. The Aspire Pockex Anniversary Edition Vape Kit is your perfect travelling companion that happily fits in your pocket – all for just £24.99.

This Aspire product is designed to make transitioning from cigarettes to vaping as painless as possible. The PockeX Anniversary Edition Vape Kit flaunts several innovative safety features, such as battery overcharge protection, while maintaining the quality and satisfactory nature of the traditional e-cigarette.

Are you an ex-smoker trying to save money while transitioning to vaping? The Aspire PockeX Anniversary Edition Vape Kit is your best bet.


  • Built-in 1500mAh battery
  • Single button operated
  • Leak Proof Design with several safety features




Whether you are vaping on a strict budget or just cutting down on your expenditure, more for less is always a good deal. Besides, who wouldn’t love a cheap vape pen that does everything a luxury-oriented vape product does?

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