Celebrities Who Vape

With celebrities having a huge cult following for all the things they do, it's easy to forget that they're still normal people like us. Some of them even enjoy a good vape now and again, so today I'm taking a break from vaping guides to show you some of the many vaping celebrities at the moment.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most famous actors of the moment, known for films like Titanic, Inception and The Wolf of Wall Street.

DiCaprio has been vaping since before it became popular, but perhaps his biggest vaping moment was vaping during the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Award show. A picture of him vaping an Innokin kit circled the internet, sparking controversy with the American Lung Association, who berated him for exposing other actors to second hand vapor.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is another top actor, best known for his roles in films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland.

Depp was another one of the first mainstream actors to start vaping. He even vaped for a role in the 2010 film The Tourist, in a scene opposite Angelina Jolie (seen here). While this wasn't a high rated film, it still helped the vape industry grow.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is a prolific actor known for his roles in Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained, as well as his role in the MCU as Nick Fury.

Samuel L. Jackson has made his love of vaping known, sharing many images of himself with a vape pen on his Twitter page. 

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is a well-known actor who has been performing for over 60 years in The Shining, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and the 1989 Batman film.

Nicholson has been seen vaping on many occasions, even seen vaping an e-cigarette when signing autographs for fans.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a popular American singer known for hits like Roar, I Kissed a Girl and Firework, as well as serving as a judge on American Idol.

Katy Perry was spotted vaping at a Labor Day party. This surprised her fans, who thought she was anti-tobacco, but since vapes are healthier, she may have thought it was OK. 

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is a popular American actor known for his roles in shows like Spin City, Two and a Half Men and Anger Management.

Charlie Sheen has played a big role in the vape industry, opening his own vape brand with NicoSheen and later opening a CBD vape brand called Sheenius.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love is a famous rock singer known as the founder of the band Hole and for her solo career.

Courtney turned from cigarettes to vapes a while ago and even starred in a vape commercial for Njoy.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is another widely popular singer, famous for hits like Just the Way You Are, Grenade and his collaboration with Mark Ronson in Uptown Funk.

In 2013, Bruno Mars announced on his Twitter that he is starting vaping for his mother, with a picture of him vaping with a Njoy device.

Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood is well renowned as the guitarist in the Rolling Stones, joining in 1975 after the departure of Mick Taylor.

Ronnie was spotted with a vape back in 2012, which he used along with a normal cigar, suggesting he was just starting to try vaping. Keith Richard, a fellow band member, tried vaping after seeing Wood do it but stopped because he didn't enjoy it.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is a model and member of the famed Kardashian family.

Kylie posted a video on her Snapchat of her vaping and blowing vape rings. This sparked controversy like most things she does as people thought she was vaping marijuana, which can technically be done.

Carrie Fisher

The late great Carrie Fisher was an actress best known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise.

Fisher did vape before her untimely death, even bringing her blu Disposable onto The Today Show once.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is an actor famous for his roles as Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga and Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Pattinson took up vaping to kick the smoking habit and said he feels healthier because of it. He was seen vaping at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards before and after presenting actress Uma Thurman with an award.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is a popular rapper with hits including Drop It While It's HotYoung, Wild & Free and Sensual Seduction.

Snoop Dogg enjoys a vape and has even endorsed a herbal vaporizer pen, known as the "Snoop Dogg G Pen".

Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner is an actress best known for her role as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones and Jean Grey in the recent X-Men films.

In May, Sophie shared a picture on her Instagram of her vaping on the set of Game of Thrones. Many fans praised her for her vaping.

Other Famous Vapers

  • Ben Affleck
  • Jack Black
  • Simon Cowell
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Nate Diaz
  • Zac Efron
  • Lady Gaga
  • Richard Hammond
  • Tom Hardy
  • Salma Hayek
  • Paris Hilton
  • Keira Knightley
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Sean Penn
  • Pewdiepie
  • Sarah Silverman
  • Britney Spears
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones

And that's our star-studded list of vapers. With the rise of vaping, more celebrities may start taking up the habit in the future. Happy Vaping!