Can You Mix E-Liquids?

Vaping is a big experience for people. While some people may just vape simple flavours to get their nicotine, some may get more experimental with their flavours, getting fruit, dessert, candy or soda flavours. Some vapers may want to get even more experimental, and try combining their e-liquids, but is this a good idea?

Yes. Mixing two e-liquids is not in any way dangerous, and it can be really fun to do! You don't need a degree in mixology or blending, all you need is your imagination... and some e-liquids.

What flavours are good for mixing?

There are tons of different flavours out there, meaning there are loads of combinations you can make. It is recommended that you mix simple flavours though, as using more complicated flavours (like New York Cheesecake and Strawberry Jam Cookie) together can ruin the flavour, plus these are usually already combinations so you don't need to worry. But what flavours are the best for mixing?


Coffee flavours mix with a surprisingly large amount of flavours. You can simply combine coffee with chocolate to create a mocha flavour, or fruit to create a fruity coffee (you can pick any fruit). A popular beverage is coffee with mint, and now you can mix these flavours too! If you like dunking biscuits in your coffee, then maybe a coffee and biscuit mix is for you. Anything you like with your coffee can now be made in e-liquid form by mixing.


If you're a former smoker who wants to vape new flavours, but still misses the taste of tobacco, why not try mixing tobacco with other flavours? Tobacco can work really well with sweet fruits, like strawberries and pineapples, though they don't blend quite so well with sour fruits, like lemons and raspberries. Rum and tobacco is a popular drink, and you can vape that now too! Mixing tobacco with menthol can also give you a wonderful minty taste.


While many people may find a vanilla vape boring on its own, mixing it with other flavours can really make the vanilla shine. Mix this with flavours that usually work well with vanilla, like chocolate or coffee.

Green Tea

Green Tea is said to work very well with fruit flavours, popular ones including raspberry or mango. These light flavours work well with the green tea.

Other Flavours

There are a whole range of other combinations to discover! Think of mixing e-liquids like cooking. Do these foods usually work together? Some flavours may work, but others may not, so have a think before you start mixing. 

How does mixing affect nicotine strengths?

You may think that adding e-liquid with 3mg nicotine with another e-liquid with 3mg nicotine, you get 6mg. This is wrong. The amount of nicotine stated on the bottle, "3mg", is actually 3mg per ml, so it will actually stay as 3mg. The way to work out how much nicotine a mix would have is by working out the averages of the e-liquids, so, if you had a 6mg and a 0mg, it would average at a 3mg. 

Why should I mix flavours?

There may be a time when you want to experiment and try a new e-liquid, like coffee or vanilla. You may try these flavours and find you don't like them. What can you do then? You've opened it and used it, so you can't send it back. Don't worry, you don't have to throw it away. You can mix it with other flavours, making it taste better or at least less prominent. 

Another reason to do it is because it's fun! Lots of people enjoy cooking, and now they can enjoy mixing e-liquids, trying new flavours, becoming a real professional e-liquid mixer. 

If you like to have 3mg of nicotine, but you cannot currently get your favorite flavour at 3mg, you can combine a 6mg with a 0mg to make a 3mg e-liquid.

Things to look out for when mixing

Be safe when mixing e-liquids containing nicotine. If nicotine gets on the skin, it can pass through the skin, similar to how nicotine patches work. Tobacco farmers have found that  "green tobacco sickness" can occur when too much nicotine is absorbed into the skin, however, a large amount of nicotine will be needed for this to happen, so you should be relatively safe. Be careful though, nicotine can also  cause nausea and headaches among other things. Be sure to wash off any nicotine that gets on your skin straight away.

Also, when mixing e-liquid, make sure you are away from children or animals. If nicotine, or large amounts of e-liquid, is ingested, visit a hospital right away.

A piece of advice for mixing e-liquids, try to keep with the same PG/VG ratio, as mixing two different ratios will alter the ratio and may ruin your vaping experience.


Now you should know that you can mix e-liquids, which flavours work best together, and safety with mixing, among other things. Try some mixing today using our huge range of e-liquids. Happy mixing!