Can Elf Bars Explode

You've just bought your first disposable vape and you're worried before taking your first puff, or you're just generally curious about disposable vapes. Yes, it is true, vapes can cause fires and explode since they contain lithium batteries. But worry not, your Elf Bar is probably safe to use considering you bought it from a trusted store, and provided that you know how to handle it properly. In this blog, Vapor Shop Direct will explore the likelihood of an Elf Bar exploding, and some precautions to minimize the odds.

What Is an Elf Bar?

Elf Bar 600s are disposable vape devices manufactured by the leading Chinese vape brand Elf Bar. It is a top-tier disposable vape in the industry and one of the best disposables when it comes to simplicity and reliability. You cannot go wrong with an Elf Bar when it comes to convenience of use; simply rip it off from its casing and start puffing. Elf Bars have built a reputation for being the 'perfect vape' for someone trying to quit smoking.

Can an Elf Bar Explode?

Elf Bars have built-in lithium batteries. So theoretically, it can explode; however, theoretical doesn't necessarily mean practical. Elf Bars have a smart chip inside that will stop your device from being potentially dangerous. The meager possibility of your Elf Bar exploding is just an outcome of how you treat your disposable vape. Letting the Elf Bar overheat, dropping the disposable in water and exposing it to other harsh environments are the major causes of any vape fires or explosions.

Best Practices to Avoid Vape Fires and Explosions

It is better to engage in some good practices when vaping. This will even further reduce the possibility of any injury while using an Elf Bar.

  • Be sure to read and comprehend the manufacturer's instructions for proper equipment use and maintenance. Contact the manufacturer if your vape did not arrive with instructions or if you have any issues.
  • Avoid leaving your Elf Bar in the sun or in the car on a hot summer day or a chilly winter night.
  • Don't vape around flammable gases or liquids, such as oxygen, propane, or gasoline.
  • Always give your Elf Bar at least 15-second intervals between each puff.


Any product with a lithium-ion battery poses a risk of battery fire and explosion. Elf Bars, with their built-in lithium-ion batteries, need to be handled correctly as recommended by the manufacturer to minimize the risk of injury. Taking care of the vape properly and avoiding using the device while its wet would be the smart thing to do. Better safe than sorry right?

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