Best Disposable Vapes November 2022

Greetings from Vapor Shop Direct! We’re here with yet another list of top vape devices and e-liquids, this time being the best disposable vapes in November 2022. We will attempt to keep our list as fresh as the new month ahead of us. However, expect to see a couple of long-standing names in the vape industry that aren’t going away anytime soon. With that being said, let’s dive straight into our picks.


Best Disposable Vapes November 2022

Instead of listing out our own favourite products, we have based our picks based on user reviews. But hey! They seem to align perfectly together.


1. Elf Bar Lost Mary (Best overall)

lost mary

Securing the first place on our list with near-perfect reviews, we have the ultimate Elf Bar product; the Elf Bar Lost Mary. This disposable vape has been long anticipated in the vape community, and the hype hasn’t died down yet many months after release. Elf Bar Lost Mary vapes offer the best of all worlds, securing the crown for ‘the best disposable vape’.

The design of the Elf Bar Lost Mary is different from the usual slender look disposable vapes are typically associated with. Each vape pod is compact – small enough to vanish completely in a clenched fist. The Elf Bar Lost Mary offers great performance for its relatively small size, with a smooth throat hit and up to 2ml of e-liquid inside. You get dozens of delicious Elf Bar flavours to choose from, many of which are uniquely available to the Lost Mary vapes.


2. SKE Crystal Bar (Best looking)

SKE Crystal Bar

You’ll know this disposable vape is special by just looking at it. It looks magical, with a cylindrical, crystal-like appearance. The stainless steel body, with a colour gradient, is encapsulated in a glassy cover that adds to its precious look. This is the vape you'll want if you wish to vape with style.

The primary reason the SKE Crystal Bar has such good reviews is its appearance. There aren’t many other disposable vapes in the market that is as eye catchy as the SKE Crystal bar. However, these glamorous vape pods only LOOK fragile; they are not lacking in either the flavour or specification department.


3. Elux Bar (Unique flavour)

Elux Bar


Shaped much like the renowned Elf Bar 600, the Elux Bar is a classic. The vape pod has a slender, elegant design with a slim mouthpiece. Its design is not all that it has in common with Elf Bars; just like the Elf Bar 600, each Elux Bar 600 comes with a 550mAh battery and 2ml of e-liquid.

What makes the Elux Bar stand out is the list of unique flavours you get to choose from. One of their best review flavours, Tiger Blood – a medley of fruits, berries and cola, is amongst the best disposable vape flavours you will come across.


4. IVG Bar (Most satisfying)


Despite having a wider design than most disposable vapes, the IVG Bar is lightweight and minimalistic as it gets. With a firm rubber grip around the body, you will find the vape pod fitting in your hand rather comfortably. An IVG Bar would fit great in your pocket, making it great for outings.

IVG Bars are well-known across the vape community for the one thing they offer best: performance. Each vape pod is packed with surprisingly good airflow and draw activation. Inhaling feels so satisfying, with the vape device responding to even the lightest draw. The restricted but smooth airflow makes for a great MTL experience, complimenting the great throat hit the device provides.


5. VooPoo Drag Bar (Best menthol flavours)

VooPoo Drag Bar

On the surface, VooPoo Drag Bars are just ordinary disposable vapes with a metal raindrop-like appearance. The battery, the number of puffs, or the specification don’t seem to be out of the ordinary, except for the extremely comfortable-looking mouthpiece, and the rather small size of the vape pod.

The reason such an ordinary-looking disposable vape scored high reviews is its unbeatable menthol flavours. VooPoo Drag Bar brings the best menthol flavours to the table, ones that have never been replicated by any other vape brand. With the luxury of choosing from 8 different menthol flavours, you will have all your mouth-cooling desires met. 



If you have made up your mind to purchase any disposable vape on this list, or just any other vape product in general, your next question would be “where do I get it?”.

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