A Guide to Battery Safety

While vaping is mostly safe, one of the biggest dangers is the battery exploding. The bottom line is, you need to take great care with your batteries to ensure that this won't happen, so here is a selection of battery safety tips.

Make Sure That the Wraps Are Intact

The wraps that surround the battery need to be kept in pristine condition, as otherwise it can short circuit and explode.

How To Replace Your Battery Wrap

To do this, you will need a battery, a wrap, a thin object and a heat gun (or a hair dryer).

When the wrap is damaged, you can peel it off with a small thin object like a cotton pick, but be careful not to damage the outer casing. There is a protective seal on the positive end that you can remove, but this needs to be kept hold off, otherwise you have to buy a new one, since this protects the positive terminal from short circuiting. 

Once the wrap is off, place the new wrap on the battery. Be sure not to tear it or you'll need to get another one. Then place the protective seal back on top of the battery and pinch it in so it connects with the battery wrap.

Next you need to use your heat gun on its lowest setting (or the hairdryer on its highest setting) and heat the top of the battery, which will let the wrap snap in place around the battery. Once this is done, do the other side. Be careful not to burn yourself and don't leave the heat gun/hairdryer on the battery for too long.

If you don't want to do this for fear of messing it up, you can take the battery to a vape shop, as most vape shops will wrap the battery up for you.

Be Sure To Use the Right Battery

Vape kits all need certain batteries, and using batteries that the kit isn't supposed to have can cause problems and will mean the kit doesn't work. Always make sure the batteries you buy come with the appropriate specifications. Some hardware brands actually have made their own batteries, like Aspire. Be sure to read the specifications on the kits too to check which batteries they need.

Use Battery Cases

When batteries aren't being used, simply keeping them in your pocket isn't a good idea, since if they come in contact with metal objects, they can short circuit and potentially explode. Battery cases are useful as they can easily protect the battery from any metal objects, and they can be bought for cheap prices.

Watch Out For Counterfeits

While most batteries are genuine, there are batteries out there that are counterfeit. These batteries can be dangerous as they have not been created correctly. Be sure to only buy batteries from vendors where you're sure the batteries are genuine. Also don't worry, our batteries are the real thing.

Use A Dedicated Battery Charger

While most kits can be charged simply by plugging the kit into the port, using a dedicated charger for the batteries is always the safer option. These can be bought for a cheap price and are easy to use. You can get more expensive ones with extra features such as battery data and health monitoring. Shop some chargers today! 

Don't Leave The Batteries Charging Unattended

Leaving your batteries to charge unattended is never a good idea, since chargers are electrical devices and can still cause accidents. Never leave the batteries in overnight and always keep an eye on them. Once again, use a battery case to keep the batteries when not in use.

Don't Over-Drain Your Batteries

If possible, try not to drain your batteries, since some batteries lose more capacity the more you discharge. Most mods have a battery level indication. Charging your batteries before they drain can prolong their life. If you know how long your batteries usually last, try charging them at regular times.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

While batteries can survive in warm and cold temperatures, it is not a good idea to test them in extreme temperatures. High temperatures will wear the battery our, making it strain, while low temperatures take a toll on the battery capacity. Be sure to leave them in a cool place away from sunlight. Never store in places like the glove compartment, where the temperature is higher than the safety range. If you live in an area where the temperatures are frequently extreme, try carrying your vape kit and batteries in a small lunch cooler.

Use Married Batteries

If your mod requires more than one battery, the best idea is to use exactly the same batteries, since they will get the same number of charges and discharges, and it will help stop imbalances in its capacity and performance.

Replace Old Batteries

While batteries can be recharged, batteries only have a certain amount of cycles (full charge to full discharge). Some batteries will start to lose capacity strength after being left for an extensive amount of time. If you sense the battery runs out quicker than usual, it is probably time to replace them. We suggest you get new batteries every 6 months. 

Recycle Old Batteries

When replacing old batteries, throwing them in the bin is a bad idea as, specifically with lithium-ion batteries, they can short circuit and cause hazards. Recycling batteries is also good for the environment! Look out for battery disposal boxes and be sure to read safety instructions when disposing of old batteries.


These tips can also be used with other battery-powered products. Always be sure to use batteries responsibly. Buy some genuine, safe batteries here!