5 things to check while buying disposable vapes

When you go out in the UK, in every vape store and every other convenience store, there are dozens of disposable vape that are enough to overwhelm shoppers. 

In the same way, when you search for "vapor shop" on Google, you'll end up with a range of options to make your purchases easy and affordable.

Of all these options, it can be difficult to pick a single option. Hence, here are 5 top-class pointers that one must tick before buying a disposable vape device from any store, be it online or offline.

5 Things You Should Consider for Buying Disposable Vapes

#1. Read the label carefully 

Each vape product label contains essential information such as warning, ingredient, caution, flavour and potency. If you are planning to buy it from an online store, double-check the packaging and read the product description to confirm the nicotine content in it. The legal limit for nicotine in any vape device is 20mg across the UK.

It should be written on the front of the packaging as "2% nicotine" or "20mg" to highlight the amount and confirm validity.

#2. The amount of nicotine dosage 

It is a legal requirement to display the nicotine dose per puff on the label and in the description. Thus, it is important to check the amount of nicotine dosage per puff when buying any Vape device online or offline.

#3. The amount of liquid 

The maximum amount of liquid in any disposable vape device is 2ml and must be displayed on the packaging. Hence, buyers should check it out before buying any vape device. If a product misses highlighting it or the packaging shows an overdose of e-liquid, it is considered illegal in the UK.

#4. Number of puffs 

The average amount of puffs are displayed on each disposable vape device. If the device is labelled 2ml e-liquid, the maximum puffing capacity is about 600. Any vaping device that offers more than this is filled with more e-liquid and may contain higher amounts of nicotine strength. Since more than 2ml is illegal, it is important to ensure that the puff capacity is approximately 600 with 2 ml of e-liquid.

#5. Warning box 

Most vape disposable devices have a warning label indicating that the product contains nicotine and can be addictive to the user. If you plan to buy any vape products in-store or online, be sure to zoom in and read warning messages or signs before purchasing. Displaying the correct warning signs is a legal requirement. If a product with no such indications should be avoided.

Make sure to check the above 5 pointers before buying Disposable vape devices online or offline. In short, the packaging of the vape device is important as it should contain the necessary information about the product. Any vape device product packaging without such information is considered illegal.

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So, come to the store and buy your vape device today.