4 Tips on How to Save on Vaping

Vaping is undoubtedly cheaper than smoking. You can easily save lots of money every year by transiting from smoking to vaping

But, there are still a few things that you need to consider such as maintenance, e-liquids, and replacing the device when it gets damaged or runs out.

Yet, vaping is far cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. Read to learn 4 ideas to save on vaping. 

#Tip 1 - MTL Vaping

Most vapers know the terms MTL and DL vaping which are two vaping styles. MTL stands for Mouth to Lung which uses high resistance vape coils and lowers power output. It generates small vapor clouds but contains classy flavours and gives a good throat hit. In this process of vaping, you draw the vapor inside your mouth and then inhale it. The vaping style is somehow similar to smoking.  

Another vaping style is Direct Lung in which the vaper uses high powers and sub-ohm vape coils to generate huge vapor clouds and then inhale the vapor.

When vapers choose this way of vaping, they use more e-liquid and can vape faster. It is even possible to run the vape coils quick and drain the battery fast. When you switch to MTL vaping, you can save money on e-liquids and vape coils. Also, you need not replace your battery.  

#Tip 2 - Choose To Buy In Bulk

When you purchase the vaping devices in bulk from Vapor Shop Direct, you can save shipping charges and can avail yourself of the latest discount offers. It can help you save more because the more you buy, the more you can save. We also offer multi-buy and mix & match offers in disposable vapes and e-liquids. Also, if you are a first-time buyer or a subscriber, you can be eligible for special discount offers.

#Tip 3 - Choose Open Tank Vape

There is a huge demand for disposable vapes in recent times. However, they are not a cheap way to continue vaping, but it will depend on which product you choose for vaping. It could also depend on your individual requirements. If you need vaping while travelling, disposable vapes are the best. 

If you are an ardent vaper, disposable vapes could cost you a little more. Rather than spending £4.65 for 2ml of e-liquid every time, it could be better to buy an open tank vape. 

This type of vape can be easily refilled with e-liquid when the content gets empty, charge the coil, and can recharge the battery. 

However, it could cost you more in the start but it can be better than disposable as you can reuse them by adding flavours.

#Tip 4 - Don’t Forget Coil Priming

Coil priming is such a simple process, but you can save it this way. While installing a new vape coil, there are a few steps that you need to follow before the device is in a ready to vape condition. This whole process is considered priming. It makes the coil saturated with e-liquid before you press the button for vaping. 

It is possible to skip this step and start vaping. But when you spend your time on priming, it can save your penny.

In a nutshell, 

Consider these 4 tips to start vaping without spoiling your budget plan. We hope you can find these tips helpful to save bucks on your purchase of vape products to start vaping. Contact Vapor Shop Direct today to purchase vaping products within the budget.