Hey, you’re finally awake! You’ve been asleep for a while… 2022? A global pandemic? An economic crisis? We don’t know what you’re talking about! Look, it’s still 2006 and there is a new electrically powered cigarette on the market, it may help us quit smoking!

When vaping was first introduced, it was a breakthrough for those desperately pushing back on the crushing weight of their own cigarette addiction. The first vapes were cigalikes, built to look like and feel like real cigarettes. As the clock ticks, the timeline progresses and we’ve arrived at an era where vaping is (quite controversially) regarded as an art, a safer means to consume nicotine and an effective method of quitting smoking.

How vape devices are used and the devices themselves may have diversified, but the overall sentiment towards vaping remains the same. The number of available products, hand in hand with the demand, has been growing steadily throughout the decade ever since vape devices hit the Western market.

However, there always have been, and there always will be those sceptical of vaping. Some even question whether it truly is safer than smoking. Regardless of how many media sources portray vaping, vape devices have been growing in popularity. Vapor Shop Direct will explain why.


Reason 1: It is far safer than smoking.


No matter what you may have heard on the matter, there is no question that vaping is safer than smoking. There are thousands of chemicals present in cigarette smoke, many of them which are potentially carcinogenic. Even though there have been no dedicated studies on the matter, experts agree that there are far fewer in vapour. Perhaps, the major deciding factor is that there is no Carbon Monoxide or tar present in vapour. These two chemicals combined are what shortens the number of healthy years ahead of chain smokers.

However, vaping is not as safe as breathing clean air. Every form of consuming any depressant comes with its own risks. With proper use and by following the guidelines, you can essentially reduce these risks to nil. A few examples would be: the potential for popcorn lungs, battery fire or burning yourself with the coil if mishandled.


Reason 2: It has helped many people quit smoking.

Some may consider this a controversial point, but data says otherwise. A 2020 study in the UK showed that vaping has a success rate of between 59.7% and 74% in being used as a quit attempt. In fact, some experts consider vaping to be amongst the most effective methods of kicking your smoking addiction. In other ways, it is right up there with nicotine gums and nicotine therapy. In 2017, the estimates for the number of smokers vaping has converted stood at around 50,000. Now that’s a number that speaks for itself!

If you are a smoker looking to transition into vaping, there is a plethora of products waiting for you. Starter kits meant for ex-smokers are designed to simulate smoking by delivering a high dosage of nicotine. An effective strategy would be to start off at the higher nicotine end of e-liquids and slowly work your way down to 0mg (if you wish to quit your nicotine addiction, that is).


Reason 3: It is cheaper

You are burning a bank note for every 10 cigarettes you smoke. While vaping doesn’t come free of charge, you will be saving a large amount of money by substituting. Vape pens and vape pods are several times cheaper than cigarettes for the same dosage of nicotine you receive.

If you smoke 20 cigarettes per day, you are spending somewhere around £4588 per year. Comparatively, receiving the same dose of nicotine per day through vaping will only bill you at around £657. That’s £3931 saved, with the added benefits of a much more flavourful experience and healthier lifestyle.


Reason 4: It is more convenient

The least pleasurable part of smoking is having to go out and buy a pack every now and then. This is of course followed by the need to pull out a cigarette and find a spot to light it up. If the winds are not in your favour, you are in for some trouble. If you’re a chain smoker, time to throw that bud down the bin and repeat the hassle of lighting a new one. – the point is, smoking is not always the most convenient intake of nicotine, on top of being the least healthy one.

Now, if you are boarding the vape train, you’ve saved yourself a lot of trouble (and a lot of cancer). Vaping is extremely convenient, as long as you didn’t forget to charge your device overnight and pack it with you while you travel. Even more so, with the arrival of new products such as disposable vape pods, all you really need to do is rip out that bar from its casing and start puffing.


Where can I purchase a vape device?

If you are reading this blog and you’re looking for a new vape device, the stars have aligned in your favour. Whether you are an experienced vaper looking to explore various new options or a newcomer to the world of vaping, looking for the ‘correct’ starter kit; is your one-stop shop. Order online! You don’t need to reach a minimum purchase requirement to order whatever you are looking for.



Stats don’t lie, and there is a clear-as-day indication that the market and demand for vaping have grown in recent years. With new studies being conducted and with more people finally seeing vaping for what it truly is, it is very plausible that vaping will continue to pick up pace in climbing Mt. Popular.

Contrary to what some individuals believe, it isn’t some purely trend-based driving factor that is pushing vaping forward. The number of benefits vaping has over other forms of consuming nicotine has given it the edge it deserves. If you’re looking to quit smoking, or if you are looking for a cheaper, more convenient and safer alternative, purchasing one of our vape products may just be what you need.