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What is a vaping tank?

The tank is a device that holds a liquid chamber, atomizer, a shaping container, and a tip. The electronic cigarette uses these components to increase the resistances and generate the steam that rises through the mouthpiece. It will pass when the vaper inhales it.

To create a large amount of cloud and great taste is the responsibility of the vape tanks. It’s for that reason why tanks are so popular across the World. Results can differ depending on what type of product you decide to purchase.

Diverse types of Vape Tanks

The whole thing about the vaping world depends on what an individual is searching for. Therefore, here you can find the differentiation about the types of vape tanks. It may only be after trying a particular product you can achieve the desired results.

RTA – “Rebuildable Tank Atomizer”

The most used atomizer in the market is the RTA; the acronym RTA means Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. Those atomizers are characterized because they always have a tank with the purpose of filling them with liquid. The tank presented in the atomizer can range from 1.0ml to 9.0ml.

Usually, the air inlets or air system is in the lower part, and the resistance of the coil is in the middle side. By putting it in this way, the liquid surrounds and wets the resistance.

RTA Advantages

  • The majority from this type is simple to configure, especially if the resistors come pre-fabricated.
  • The larger your tank, the fewer worries about refilling it.
  • People can vary the configuration of some tanks to generate more flavour or more steam.
  • They tend to get less warm.

RDA – “Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer”

The acronym RDA means Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, and they are much simpler than RDA. The coil is completely exposed along with cotton, and the air system they use is quite wide because they do not have a liquid storage tank.

RDA advantages

  • Literally, the amount of steam you can generate is monstrous.
  • It does not cut your taste, because you vape directly from cotton.
  • The air system is far superior to RTA tanks.

RTDA – “Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer”

These atomizers are a combination between the RTA and RDA.

RDTA Advantages

  • In the case of having a tank, you do not have to be dripping all the time.
  • If your purpose is to vary the flavour, you can mix dripping cotton and pulling the tank.

MTL – “Mouth to Lung”

The mouth-lung method works like this: The user sucks the steam in the mouth, and once inside, he inhales it. Exactly like traditional cigarettes.

MTL tanks do not produce as many vapour clouds as sub-ohm tanks. Normally, the liquids in MTL tanks are usually more diluted, with more propylene glycol than vegetable glycerin or a 50%/50% e-liquid. Therefore, vegetable glycerin is thicker, and when vaporized creates a denser vapour.

The Sub-ohm Vaper

The sub-ohm tanks were created to meet the requests of vapers who wanted more steam than they had with their old tanks. Shortly after, the sub-ohm emerged, and everything revolves around the search for clouds, trying to get the most steam from a single draft.

DTL - Direct to Lung

A DL tank is an atomizer type, specifically considered for those vapers who take a drag of their tanks, and in doing so, steam passes directly to their lungs, without having to stop leaving it in their mouths. Moreover, with the free passage of the airflow, users can perform puffs with greater steam faster and more effortlessly than other tanks on the marketplace.

What are the features of vape tanks?

Each vape tank in the market possesses diverse features; it is determined on the type you want to choose. They usually can differ to the quantity of vapour that the tanks can produce, and the actual space they present to keep the whole liquid.

Moreover, there are hundreds of tanks, and they differ in sizes, shapes, materials, and quality in today's market. Choosing the one that best suits you is not easy work. It will depend on whether you prefer, for example, a draft more similar to the cigarette or you are a cloud seeker; moreover, If you prefer more steam, if you are looking for quality regardless of price, or if you are looking for a more faithful liquid taste.

What are the best vape tanks?

There are a huge variety and types of vape tanks, but here you can find a shortlist of the best one in 2019.

  1. Zeus X RTA: This RTA will turn heads with a choice of 4 colours including Blue, Red, Silver and Rainbow. Easily fillable with it's TPD compliant 2ml glass tank and 510 gold plated contact pin.
  2. Uwell Crown IV Vape Tank: It is characterized to be easy to use, and it has a self-cleaning system.
  3. Aspire Odan Mini Tank: Aspire Odan Mini brings a diamond glass closure with 6 colours to choose from, with 4ml capacity and top filling system. 


It is subjected to on whether the system is open or closed. Therefore, your vaporizer will use a tank or cartridge to deposit the vaping liquid. Then, the atomizer or resistance will be responsible for converting the e-liquid into small particles that you can then inhale through the steam. Finally, to point it out, many vaporizers turn on automatically when aspirated from them. But others require you to press a button to activate the heating chamber.


Vape tanks can be adapted to the necessities of each user around the world. You must choose the one that best fits you! The more you vape, the more experimentation will occur giving you a better vaping experience.

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