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Premium Quality Vape Replacement Pods

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Elf Bar ELFA Refillable Pod - 2pk
Smok RPM Pod & Coil Kit
Smok Alike Pods 3 Pack

Frequently Asked Questions Answers

1. What are replacement pods?

There are two types of replacement pods depending on the vaping device. One requires an additional coil, while the other is a pre-made vape coil. They are considered pod kits of tanks as they contain both the coils and the e-liquids in the form of vape pod kits.

2. How often do change pods?

There is no exact timeline for replacing vape pods, but it depends on vaping habits and the vape device. Typically, it may take about three to five days for your vape pod to be replaced.

3. Why is it necessary to replace vape pods?

The activity of the vapor pods vaporizes the wick and absorbs the e-liquid which indicates that the pod is empty. Once the e-liquid is heated and used up, it is time to replace or refill the pod depending on the kit you are using.

4. Is it possible to refill the pods?

The 0.7ml size pods are refillable and you can refill them more than once. Therefore, you can add your favourite Nic Salt Vape Juice to try out different flavours.

5. How long can a replacement pod last?

Any replacement vape pod can last one to two days and after that, you'll need to refill it. You should replace the pod after one month and be sure to keep it clean after every use and before filling it with e-liquids.

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