What is a Squonk Mod?

What is a Squonk Mod?

As a member of the vaping community, you may, at some point, have heard of the term squonking or squonk kit. You may be wondering "What does this mean?" and "Is squonking better? Should I get a squonk kit?" Well today, I am here to answer all the questions you may have about squonk mods.

What is a Squonk Mod?

Simply put, a squonk mod is a device that has an extra compartment to fit both a battery and a small plastic bottle for e-liquid. The fixed 510 pin has a small opening, which is connected to a plastic tube which attaches to the bottle to feed e-liquid to the bottom-fed RDA.

How To use A Squonk Mod?

Here is a list of instructions on how to use a squonk mod.

  1. First, gently squeeze the bottle so the e-liquid will rise into the RDA.
  2. Next, release the bottle and allow it to return to its original shape. This causes a vacuum that will suck the extra e-liquid from the RDA back in the bottle. The e-liquid left in the RDA will be enough to wet the wick and leave a little extra.
  3. Finally, hit the power button and start vaping. If you find the flavour reducing, squeeze the bottle again.

The Benefits of Squonk Mods

Squonk Mods are much more convenient to use as there is not dripping or frequent refills. This makes it easier to squonk as with an RDA, you constantly have to drip. While normal tanks are 5ml or less in size, a bottle squonk is generally over 7ml. There is also less leakage with a squonk mod as the remaining e-liquid usually ends up back in the bottle.

The Disadvantages of Squonk Mods

The biggest disadvantage of squonk mods is their battery life. Until the recent release of dual battery squonk box mods, squonk mods used a single 18650 battery, but with new releases, this is all changing.

There is also a higher juice consumption as squonking makes it more convenient. This mostly depends on your vaping habit. Setting up can have a hard time with reabsorbing the excess juice, meaning the possibility of overflowing isn't completely eliminated.

Unfortunately, there are currently only a few regulated squonk mods, with the majority of them being unregulated.

Is Squonking For Me?

The only way to find out whether squonking is for you is by trying it out yourself. As we have mentioned above, there are advantages and disadvantages of squonk mods. If you're looking for a more convenient way to get your flavour and vapour, squonking might be for you.

Squonking may not be a good idea for anyone new to vaping. Squonk mods can be quite expensive, so can cost more if you become addicted to it. It would be a better idea to start with a simple box mod and work your way up.

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