Brand Spotlight - Moreish Puff

Brand Spotlight - Moreish Puff

  • James Burd

Welcome to the first in our series of brand spotlights! To begin, we decided to look at a brand very close to us:

Moreish Puff

Moreish Puff has formed only a few months ago, but has become one of the fastest growing e-liquid brands, being sold all around Europe, with hopes to soon move out to Asia! New flavours are released every month, for both the Moreish Puff range and the Get Range! So let's look back on the flavours so far and explain why you should pick up some Moreish Puff today!

The Original Moreish Puff Range

Candy Drops


Let us begin our journey with the candy drops range - a sweet fruity concoction that comes in a range of excellent flavours, ranging from Watermelon and Cherry to Lemon and Sour Apple. These liquids come with a tangy taste that is sure to leave a fizz in your mouth.

Also available is a combination of flavours to create the Rainbow Candy Drops Flavour, with all the candy drop flavours under the sun inside. Don't miss out on this fantastic fruit candy creation! 


Now on our journey, we will cool down with the magnificent chilled range. The Chilled Range was created to cool you down on a hot summer's day and it succeeded its purpose. The Chilled range combines fruit with menthol, then cools it to give that excellent frosty taste.

With flavours varying from Mango to Blue Raspberry (a mix of blueberries and raspberries), the Chilled range delivers excellent fruity flavours! Chill out with the Chilled Range now!


Now onto a sweet and wonderful range, the shakes. All your favorite milkshake flavours come together to make this range, chocolate, strawberry and banana, along with some lesser-known others, vanilla, blueberry and shamrock. The shamrock is a shake to bring you to Emerald Isle, a green, minty shake you are sure to enjoy.

All these flavours are made from only the best ingredients, making the shakes taste just like the real things. Enjoy some shakes today!


Next we bring you to a fizzy creation with the sherbet range. Combining the tangy, fizzy wonder of sherbet with fresh fruit, Moreish Puff have created this stunning range that is sure to leave a wonderful taste in your mouth.

Flavours include lemon, cherry and raspberry. Also available is the strawberry lace flavour, a wonderous e-liquid that tastes just like the real sweets, as well as a rainbow flavour, combining several sherbet flavours to make an excellent e-liquid. Get your sherbet e-liquids today with Moreish Puff.


Finally on the first part of our journey, we reach the soda range (also known as the cola range). The soda range combines the freshest of fruit with some delicious soda to create some excellent tangy e-liquids for all to enjoy. Three simple flavours comprise this range, with all of them tasting just like the real thing: Original Cola, Lemon and Lime Cola and Cherry Cola. Don't miss this spectacular range of wonderfully fizzy e-liquids!

Get Ranges

Recently, Moreish Puff have branched out, creating another brand of e-liquids, the Get Range. This range is still being added to, but let's look at the 3 ranges they have brought out at the moment.

Get Brewed

The first range we will look at for the Get Ranges is Get Brewed. Get Brewed consists of three spectacular coffee flavours for all the coffee loving vapers out there. The three flavours are a flat white (an espresso flavour), Mocha Frappe (a chilled coffee with chocolate) and a hazelnut vienna (espresso and cream with a nutty taste).

These coffee flavours are almost identical in their tastes, made from the freshest of ingredients. Get Brewed today with Get Brewed!

Get Lollied


Next up, we have Get Lollied, a fascinating range of lollipop flavours for you to enjoy. Get Lollied have made all your favorite ice lollies vapeable, with flavours including Strawberry Split (strawberry over ice cream), Rocket (an ice dessert with strawberry, orange and pineapple) and Vimtoe (an icy treat based on the popular drink and ice lolly). Chill out and bring back some nostalgia with Get Lollied's amazing range.

Get Slushed

Finally, we have Get Slushed, a range of delicious slushy flavoured e-liquids. Ice is combined with various fresh fruit to make these refreshingly cool e-liquids.This varies from the sweet strawberry slushie to the sour lemon and apple slushie. Unlike other slush flavoured e-liquids, these actually do contain the ice needed for that cool refreshing vape, to make the liquid taste just like real slushies! Get refreshed now with the wonderful Get Slushed Range.

Well, that brings us to the end of our first brand spotlight. Will you be trying some of Moreish Puff? Which flavours do you fancy trying? Remember Vapor Shop Direct stocks all of the Moreish Puff e-liquids for you to enjoy. Buy some terrific Moreish Puff e-liquids now, and I'll see you next blog.


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